Faculty attending a CITL program to learn more about their programs and grants.

The team at CITL understands that your courses are more effective when you’re also actively engaged in learning. Our faculty success programs were created to help your academic career flourish. They help you hone your skills and expand your community across disciplines. CITL programs are informed by your colleagues, the latest research, best practices and insights from educational experts. 


Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) provide a deep dive into a single subject over a year. FLCs are small, faculty-led communities designed to foster communication and exploration across disciplines and drive innovation in teaching and learning. 

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Inclusive and Equitable Pedagogy Program

The Inclusive and Equiatyable Pedagogy (IEP) provides multiple entry points for the USF community to connect and develop strategies that promote learning. Through various IEP programs, you will join a community of practice dedicated to realizing the
university's commitment to access, success, and lifelong learning for all students.

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The Exploring Teaching and Learning (ETL) program offers practical microlearning experiences to enrich teaching methodologies. This year-long initiative gives you access to global and local experts, with two specific pathways tailored to Early Career and Adjunct Faculty.

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Peer Observation Program

The Peer Observation Program (POP) provides a team-based approach to developing your teaching practices through exchanging observations with colleagues in an interdisciplinary network. POP emphasizes open exchange and discussion of various approaches used across the university.

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Book Clubs

CITL Book Clubs offer participants a space to come together with colleagues to learn about the latest teaching topics, share thoughts, and make new connections. Book clubs are open to all levels of faculty. 

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Graduate Teaching Assistant Programs

Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) play a key role in the success of teaching and learning at USF. CITL has developed a variety of programming aimed at supporting GTAs in their teaching journey. 

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Oftentimes, the crucial work that is done by faculty in (and out) of the classroom goes unnoticed. The Thank-a-Professor program serves as a way for those positively impacted by faculty to share their appreciation with them. This initiative has several goals:

  • Combat feelings of faculty exhaustion and burnout.
  • Offer an informal venue for expressing appreciation toward faculty.
  • Highlight and emphasize teaching and the work done surrounding it. 

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