Faculty & Staff Resources

Help Students Be Competitive

Mentorship and Research Connections

We are always looking to connect our students with mentors and research opportunities on campus that support their goals. If you are interested in working with one of our students or have open research positions, please contact ONS Director, Dr. Sayan Basu.

Serving on review, interview, and selection committees

Several competitive national awards require university endorsement or review, which requires panels of faculty and administrators to complete. We also provide students with mock interview experiences in preparation for competitions. It is helpful for us to have faculty contacts from a diverse array of fields, so that we can call on them when we have a subject area need. We also have faculty who have received awards themselves, which is helpful when working with future applicants. For example, we have Fulbright Program alumni who assist with Fulbright applicant review every year. If you would be interested in serving on a selection or review committee or a mock interview panel, please contact our Director, Dr. Sayan Basu.

Request an ONS Presentation

If you are interested in having someone from the Office of National Scholars come speak to your class or organization, please email nationalscholarships@usf.edu

Identify and Refer Students to ONS

At the Office of National Scholars, we are looking for students who demonstrate a drive to apply knowledge outside the classroom through research, community engagement, global experiences, internships, and/or public service.

You don't have to be an expert on competitive national awards to send a student our way. If you see potential, we want to know! Our office can help students connect with mentors and opportunities that will help them reach their goals, even if they haven't clarified what those might be yet.

Please visit this page to fill out our referral form.