National scholarships and fellowships support students with a wide array of interests during their academic and professional journeys. At the Office of National Scholars, we help students reflect on their goals to find opportunities that will help them develop.

International Education

International engagement builds important critical thinking skills and cultural competency. These skills, along with foreign language experience, are extremely valuable. Cooperation amongst nations is vital to addressing complex global problems.

Study Abroad 

Fulbright Programs 

Critical Language Study 

Foreign Affairs 


Research allows students to hone their skills outside the classroom, gain practical experience, and push innovation forward. Inquiry and ambition are essential qualities in future leaders.

Undergraduate Research 


Graduate Study

Advanced studies are often necessary for students wanting to become specialists in their fields, but graduate fellowship programs bring together those at the top of their disciplines for cooperation and progress.

Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships 

Professional development

Most competitive scholarly opportunities include professional and intellectual development, including practical training, conferences, and mentorship. ONS also ecourages students to participate in professional development activities in preparation for competitive award applications.