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ONS Monument

ONS Display image

In the summer of 2018, the University of South Florida (USF) installed a national scholarship awards display in the Marshall Student Center.

The distinguished commemorative panels include the names and awards of every USF national scholar since the university’s founding in 1956. All awardee names for each year thereafter are engraved on the panels and backlit to pay tribute to the gravity and prestige of each award.

As new national scholars from USF are awarded, additional panels will be mounted and updated to celebrate their success. A large video monitor showcases a series of national scholar stories. This feature adds a personal touch to the already stunning monument and provides contact information for students interested in meeting with national scholarship advisors.

The display was created through a partnership with the Office of National Scholars (ONS), the Provost’s Office, the USF Facilities department, and the Marshall Student Center. The goal of this celebratory custom design is to inspire the next generation of national scholarship recipients while honoring USF’s history of distinguished awardees.