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Welcome to our faculty resources page, a centralized repository of tools, tips, and resources to support teaching and learning in a digital environment. We invite you to explore the categories on the left for step-by-step guides on a variety of tools available to USF faculty. We’ll keep you up to date on techniques and best practices for using tools like Kaltura to create and deliver engaging content, to incorporate in-video quizzing, and to utilize auto-captioning. We’ll highlight new features and helpful techniques in Canvas to help your students succeed. We’ll show you the latest way to communicate and keep students connected in Microsoft Teams. And much more!

For additional video tutorials and tips, please visit our Digital Learning Video Resource Library.

We recommend bookmarking this page to use as a primary reference for building your digital skills. Check back often as we continually update this section.


Honorlock is now the official USF online proctoring solution. Honorlock online proctoring enhances the security of Canvas based quizzes and exams through student identity verification, browser lockdown, and exam monitoring.

Explore Honorlock, its capabilities, and where to begin.

USF MONDAY MINUTES- Gradebook Search and Filtering

Tired of spending too much time looking for a certain assignment or student in the Canvas gradebook? Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to view only what you need when you need it? Well, now you can with the new Canvas gradebook search and filtering tools. The following video is an overview of these tools so you can spend more time on important tasks such as grading and less time searching.