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Online Academic Integrity

Academic integrity within the online environment is critically important. Strategically addressing it with the right tools and pedagogical approaches will help to establish a culture of honesty within your online class.  

Academic integrity tools for online instruction

The following guide is a comprehensive summary of tools and approaches for optimizing academic integrity within your online course including. 

Academic Integrity Tools

Honorlock (online proctoring)

Honorlock is the official USF online proctoring solution. Honorlock enhances the security of Canvas based quizzes and exams through student identity verification, browser lockdown, and exam monitoring. For more information, visit our Honorlock page.

TurnItin (plagiarism detection) 

TurnItIn is the official USF plagiarism detection system. Once applied to a Canvas-based assignment, Turnitin checks the students' submitted papers against a database of previously submitted papers, online papers, and websites. Instructors are provided with an "originality report" highlighting the similarities. 

Digital Learning Guides:

Creating a Turnitin Assignment
Late & Multiple Submissions
Tutorial Library from Turnitin 

preventing student procrastination

Procrastination is one of the most common issues within the online environment. By preventing procrastination before it occurs, you are reducing the likelihood of cheating within your online course. The following guide walks you through strategies and tools to prevent procrastination.