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Classroom Faculty

If you would like a consultation about teaching and learning face-to-face contact CITL at CITL@usf.

Online Faculty

If you have a question or would like to schedule a consultation you please email facultysupport@usf.edu. You can also connect with one of our an experts through the Digital Learning Live Support.

Faculty can also visit our Digital Learning Resources for video /PDF tutorials on Canvas, Teams, and other USF instructional technology platforms.  

Fall Schedule Overview 2021

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Comprehensive Training of Canvas Basics

This course developed by USF Innovative Education provides comprehensive training that will introduce you to the basic functions of Canvas and additional tools to create digital content.

Enroll in: Canvas Basics.

Topics include:

  • Canvas course navigation
  • Syllabus and course files
  • Canvas modules
  • Canvas content pages, assignments, discussions, and quizzes
  • Multimedia content (e.g. Canvas recorder and Kaltura)
  • Gradebook, Speedgrader, and Canvas Rubrics
  • Tools available to promote academic integrity (e.g. Turnitin and Proctorio)
  • Synchronous communication (Teams)

Best Practices for Microsoft Teams Sessions

In collaboration with USF IT, Innovative Education recommends courses with online synchronous sessions utilize Canvas and Microsoft Teams.

Using Canvas to Create a Microsoft Class Team:

A new integration between Canvas and Microsoft Teams is now available that will keep a Class Team membership in sync with your Canvas course roster.
Create and Sync your Class Team from Canvas

Teams Breakout Rooms:

How to use MS Teams Breakout Rooms

Teaching with Teams - Essentials:

Teaching with Teams - Communication and Presentation Tools:

Innovative Education Digital Learning Faculty Resources:

For more quick reference guides, just-in-time training and workshops, visit the
Faculty Resource section on the Innovative Education, Digital Learning team's website.

USF IT Resources:

Microsoft Teams is available for all active Faculty, Staff, and Students. The below page contains critical resources and training suggestions for our Faculty and Staff to facilitate remote instruction and general productivity.