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Introduction to Accessibility

In this session, you'll learn what makes documents and recordings "accessible". You'll also find out why you want to make your materials accessible, even if you don't have students with disability accommodations. We'll then explore the tools to help you get your files in shape, and wrap up by demonstrating easier fixes you can do now in Canvas, Word, and with video.

April 15, 10:00am - 11:00am

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Creating Impactful Assessments for Enhanced Learning

Creating assignments for your students is more than proving what they know; assessment improves learning retention. This in-person workshop will allow you to work on assessment design in your course to improve student engagement and motivation. Explore innovative techniques, receive personalized guidance, and collaborate with fellow educators to create assessments that not only measure comprehension but also contribute to a lasting impact on your students' educational journey.

April 25, 11:00am - 1:00pm

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ABOUT the digital learning LIVE WORKSHOP SESSIONS 

We offer live workshops throughout the year, but most are facilitated prior to the semester launch and during the first two weeks of the semester. 

Our live trainings include the following topics:

  • Canvas Fundamentals
  • Building an Academic Integrity Plan
  • Honorlock: Setup, Exam Review and Best Practices
  • Mastering the Canvas Gradebook and Speed Grader
  • Microsoft Teams Essentials
  • Online Accessibility
  • & more

If you missed a session, you can connect with one of our digital learning experts and schedule an individual consultation and/or reach us via our Live Support

We can also facilitate customized workshops for your department or college. Email your ideas and requirements to