PCard Training

Reconciler Training Part 2

Part 2: PCard Access to FAST | Online Transaction Approval Process


Your access to the PCard module of FAST is set up by PCard Services, University Controller, and IT Security from your FAST Access Request Form. If you already have FAST access, please make a note of it on your FAST Access Request Form. If you are new to FAST, you will be granted access once you complete your in-class Reconciler training. Your FAST Access Request Form is processed by the PCard staff and by IT Security. Once your request is processed, you will be contacted by email in about ten (10) business days with all the information you need to access the PCard module of FAST.

NOTE: FAST passwords expire every 180 days.

If your password gets revoked or needs to be reset, please contact IT Security via email.


Changing an Account Number

Where does the account number come from on incoming transactions?
It defaults from the "Default Chartfield Number" field on the Cardholder Profile Form.

Can I change the account number on a transaction?
You may change the account number IF your FAST Access Request Form checked either "Verifier" or "Reconciler."     Note: You may only change the account number of accounts for which you have been delegated authority to do so.

Remember: PCard transactions can only be made on accounts which flow through the State of Florida Treasury. No USF Foundation or UMSA funds.

How do I change the account number?
On the Account Distribution, replace the account number shown with the account number you wish to charge. This is the screen you have been approving transactions on.

Splitting a Transaction

One transaction can be split into multiple distributions. The split is made on the Account Distribution screen by manually adding distribution lines and completing additional chartfield strings.


Note: The sum total of the lines must equal the total amount of the charge shown in the amount field in the header record.

Transaction Disapproval Process

The transaction cannot be disapproved, only delayed in processing. If there is a problem with the transaction, you need to indicate the nature of the problem on-screen under the "Comments" link. Also, record the transaction in FAST as a dispute by going to the Reconcile Statement page, clicking on the "Billing" tab and entering the Dispute Amount in the space provided and Saving.

Remember: You MUST process the transaction as soon as you can; the Bank of America system has already paid the vendor. It is up to the Cardholder and Reconciler to initiate disputes, both formal and informal. Additional information about handling disputes is covered in Part 6 of the Cardholder Certification Training.

There are no specific dispute codes used to indicate the nature of the problem.

CAUTION: Higher levels of Approvers (including Accounts Payable) cannot reject transactions back to lower levels if information is incomplete. There is no workflow in the PCard module to allow this. They can only not process the charge or change the status back to staged. Use of this process by Approvers other than Accounts Payable should be limited to avoid processing transactions outside the seven (7) day window.

Travel Agent / Agent Fee

Travel agents often charge a fee for making airline arrangements. If yours does, two charges will appear in the Travel Module system in the "Wallet" of the traveler:

Online Transaction Processing

Credit Processing: Credit from vendors are processed the same way regular payments are processed. Credits must be processed within seven (7) days.

Credits in the charge queue look just like a regular charge except that they are negative numbers.

Hint: Process the transaction with the same chartfield used on the initial charge.

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