• Women Entrepreneurs

    When it comes to women in business -- and more specifically, women in entrepreneurship -- the stereotypes of business suits, Wall Street banker capitalists, or the desire for a fat bottom line aren't always accurate.

  • USF Launches New Doctor of Business Administration Program

    Applications are now being accepted for program targeting working professionals in experienced executive and business leadership roles.

  • USF College of Business teaches high-schoolers data analytics in half-day bootcamp

    Local high school students recently learned that data is more than numbers on a page -- they saw first-hand that data can be the deciding factor in making crucial business decisions.

  • First Class

    Most people know that an MBA gives people from a variety of backgrounds a chance to become better versed in managerial and business operations.

  • Incubating Innovation

    Advised by USF research leaders, USF students run a business incubator of their own.

Faculty Spotlight

Diana Hechavarría

USF Assistant Professor Diana Hechavarría, who focused her research on female entrepreneurs, found that women start businesses, but they often emphasize the social and ecological value of creating a business over traditional profit-based concerns.