Corporate Mentor Program


The Corporate Mentor Program pairs first-generation juniors and seniors who are the first in their family to complete a four-year degree in the United States with mentors from the Tampa Bay business community. Many students who are the first in their family to attend college lack the so-called "soft" skills simply because they've never had a chance to participate in business or professional activities. The Corporate Mentor Program, exclusively for Muma College of Business students, has partnered with Tampa Bay's executives to create a program to help. Mentors help students explore or establish career paths and help the students develop strategies for their academic, professional, and social success.

Tampa Bay business who serve as mentors in the Corporate Mentor Program provide guidance and opportunities for these first generation Bulls, such as the opportunity to shadow an executive at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, or the chance to tag along on a corporate presentation. In essence, mentors are respected and successful professionals who serve as coaches, advisors, and friends who provide access and opportunity for their student. Words like encourager, coach, advisor, role model, and friend describe these junior and senior level executives.

USF Unstoppable: Corporate Mentor Program
Corporate Mentor Program students and mentors share their experiences 

2013 - 2014 Students at a Glance

2012 - 2013 Students at a Glance

2011 - 2012 Students at a Glance

Meet our Staff 

Walter "JR" Haworth

Walter "JR" Haworth
Program Director

Olivia Davis

Olivia T. Davis
Program Coordinator

Sophia Benjelloun

Sophia Benjelloun
Graduate Assistant