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    Department faculty funded by CBT Holding

    Jay Ligatti, Yao Liu, and Dmitry Goldgof have begun a project to document the properties and performance of Virtual Tunneling Effect, a new cryptographic technique in which keys are neither transferred nor stored.

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    Assistant Professor Yao Liu awarded NSF CAREER award

    Yao Liu received $499,950 in funding for “CAREER: A Pathway towards Channel Camouflage and Manipulation Techniques for Wireless Security”.

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    Associate Professor Anda Iamnitchi awarded NSF grant

    Anda Iamnitchi received $661,000 in funding for “Structural Anonymization Techniques for Large, Labeled, and Dynamic Social Graphs”.

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    Department faculty awarded NSF grant

    Jay Ligatti, Swaroop Ghosh, Sudeep Sarkar, and Yicheng Tu, and USF Physics professor Sagar P. Pandit received $679,780 in funding for “II-New: A Research Platform for Heterogeneous, Massively Parallel Computing” as PIs.

Biorobotics Lab


Research performed at the Biorobotics Lab include: Biologically-inspired Robotics, Neural Simulation and Robot Control, Cognitive Robotics, Humanoid Robots, Multi-Robot Systems, and Soccer Playing Robots.