Accelerated B.S.C.P in Computer Engineering and M.S.C.P. in Computer Engineering

Students pursuing a B.S.C.P. in Computer Engineering will earn an M.S.C.P. in Computer Engineering in an accelerated manner by sharing two (2) graduate courses (6 credit hours) taken as upper-level departmental (Technical) electives as part of the undergraduate Computer Engineering major.

The B.S.C.P. requires a total of 128 hours and the M.S.C.P. requires 30 hours. By sharing six (6) credit hours, the total credit hours earned will be 152 credit hours.

This accelerated major shares six (6) credit hours between already existing degrees:
B.S.C.P. in Computer Engineering
M.S.C.P. in Computer Engineering

Target Students and Expected Outcomes
Academically high achieving undergraduate students in the B.S.C.P. major with high overall and major GPA will be targeted for the accelerated major. Expected outcomes are the increase in M.S.C.P. degrees granted, increase in graduate SCH, decrease time to graduation, decrease in tuition dollars for the student, increase in the research productivity, increase in the number of US students receiving M.S.C.P. degrees, including minorities and students from under- represented groups in Computer Science and Engineering, close the national gap of computer scientists needed
to satisfy the market demand, and enhance of the quality of the graduate major by addition of academically accomplished students. In addition, some of these M.S.C.P. students will continue on to the Ph.D. major and enhance the doctoral major as well.

Admission Requirements
For admission to the program, a student must:
1. Have completed 15 hours in the undergraduate major
2. Have a minimum 3.33 GPA overall; and
3. Have a minimum undergraduate 3.50 GPA in the major.

Timeline and Benchmarks:
1. To be considered for acceptance into the Accelerated B.S.C.P. Computer Engineering/M.S.C.P. Computer Engineering major, students must have completed a minimum of 15 credit hours in the Computer Science
undergraduate major.
2. Students must have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.33 overall, and a minimum GPA of 3.50 in the major.
3. Following completion of a minimum of 15 hours in the undergraduate major, students may be considered for
acceptance into the accelerated major through faculty nomination or student self-nomination, via
submission of an Accelerated major Application Form. Both B.S.C.P. and M.S.C.P. majors will review the
applications and approve the nominations. All applications require the approval of USF's Office of Graduate
Studies, the College of Engineering's Graduate Major, and the Department of Computer Science and
Engineering Majors.
4. To be promoted to graduate status, students must meet all admission requirements of the M.S.C.P. in
Computer Science.
5. Students must earn a minimum of a "B" (3.00) in all shared graduate courses. Failure to earn at least a "B" in
a shared graduate course will result in academic review by the graduate major. Failure to maintain good
standing as a graduate student will result in academic probation, according to the procedures of the USF
Office of Graduate Studies.
6. A comprehensive plan of study to complete the Accelerated B.S.C.P. Computer Engineering/M.S.C.P.
Computer Engineering major will be developed with the guidance of undergraduate and graduate advisors.

Shared Courses (6 credit hours)
Two (2) of the following three (3) core graduate courses replace six (6) credit hours of upper-level departmental
(Technical) electives, including Independent Study and Industry Internship:
EEL 6764 Principles of Computer Architecture
COP 6611 Operating Systems
COT 6405 Introduction to the Theory of Algorithms

Undergraduate Degree Requirements for the B.S.C.P. in Computer Chemical (107 credit hours)
*Please see Undergraduate Catalog for major-specific requirements

COURSES: See USF Course Inventory