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Deadline extension for international students only

We have a better MSIT Program: New changes have been approved!!!
We promised to make the MSIT program even better and the proposed changes have been approved. Beginning with the Fall 2017 semester, the MSIT program will have new requirements, rules, and courses meant to prepare students in important areas of the economy, as follows:

  1. New requirements: There are now 3 required core courses only. The IT Practicum is not a core required course any more but optional.
  2. New rules: With prior permission from the Graduate Director, students can take a maximum of 3 hours of Independent Study or Internship and up to twelve credit hours outside of the major, as follows: three credit hours from the MSCS/MSCE majors; three credit hours outside of the department (e.g. EE, IE, Math); three credit hours on business practice, project management, leadership, entrepreneurship, or simliar; three credit hours on big data, data analytics, data mining or similar.
  3. New courses: There are new courses in Security, Big Data and Hadoop, Cloud Computing, Independent Study, and Internships, among others. Also, most of the courses will be hybrid (online and face to face), so international students can also participate.

In addition, there are new rules governing entrance requirements and graduation requirements, among others. A copy of the preliminary version of the new catalog with all the changes and details can be downloaded here.

Ph.D. Assistantships


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers the degrees of Master of Science in Computer Science, Master of Science in Computer Engineering, and Master of Science in Information Technology (with thesis and non-thesis options in the MS in CS and MS in CpE, no thesis required in the MS in IT), and the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering. The MS in IT can be completed online.

We have an excellent selection of courses and laboratories supporting graduate studies in algorithms, artificial intelligence and intelligent systems, computer architecture, distributed systems, graphics and visualization, networks, computer vision, distributed systems, expert systems, formal verification, human-computer interface, image processing, pattern recognition, robotics, software engineering, computer and network security, software security, and VLSI design and CAD.

The master's degree program requires a minimum of 30 semester credit hours of work beyond the baccalaureate. For the MS in CS and MS in CpE courses in three core areas are required. For the MS in IT, three core courses and Practicum are required. Other courses are chosen to serve the individual student's interest. The doctoral degree requires completing course work as advised by the doctoral committee and a minimum of 20 hours of dissertation beyond the master's degree. The Doctor of Philosophy is conferred in recognition of a candidate's highest level of scholarly achievement in independently conducting and reporting significant research. Other requirements include major area presentation (an in depth survey in the chosen research area), passing a PhD qualifying examination, and presenting a dissertation defense.

Our past and current graduate students come from 40 different countries on five continents. Many of our graduate students have been awarded the USF Outstanding Thesis/Dissertation Award. Our graduates are well placed in research labs, private industry, and educational institutions both in the United States and abroad.

For outstanding graduate students the Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers financial help. More information is available in the assistantships section. Almost all our PhD students are covered by financial aid of one form or another.