CSE faculty patent featured in recent USF news article

June 7, 2017

On June 6, 2017, USF News released an article stating that the University of South Florida ranks 5th among American public universities for the generation of new U.S. patents.  Featured in this article was the Department of Computer Science and Engineering's very own Jay Ligatti and Dmitry Goldgof as an example of the exemplary innovations this department produces.

The article stated the following:

"A patent was issued in 2016 for Systems and Methods for Authentication Using Multiple Devices, developed by USF College of Engineering faculty Jay Ligatti and Dmitry Goldgof, along with students Jean-Baptiste Subils and Cagri Cetin. 'Co-authentication' was created to improve information security while logging in to websites with sensitive information or otherwise securely authenticating the identity of users online. Co-authentication is an extra security measure during authentication where a user can conveniently authenticate themselves by having at least 2 devices associated with them on their person. Essentially, the devices do the authenticating. This technology is nonexclusively licensed to Stone Vault LLC."

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