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Recent Doctoral Dissertations                                                                                           Spring 2012 - PRESENT

Fall 2016
Experimental and Computational Study on Fracture Mechanics of Multilayered Structures
STUDENT: Tran, Thanh Hai
ADVISOR(S): Cai, Wenjun / Volinsky, Alex

Summer 2016
Waterproofing Shape-Changing Mechanisms Using Origami Engineering; Also a Mechanical Property Evaluation Approach for Rapid Prototyping
STUDENT: Katz, Andrew
ADVISOR(S): Lusk, Craig

Application and Analysis of Asymmetrical Hot and Cold Stimuli
STUDENT: Manasrah, Ahmad
ADVISOR(S): Guldiken, Rasim / Reed, Kyle

Droplet-based Mechanical Actuator Utilizing Electrowetting Effect
ADVISOR(S): Crane, Nathan

Spring 2016
Al/Ti Nanostructured Multilayers: from Mechanical, Tribological, to Corrosion Properties
STUDENT: Izadi, Sina
ADVISOR(S): Cai, Wenjun

Optimization and Characterization of Integrated Microfluidic Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors and Transducers
STUDENT: Wang, Tao
ADVISOR(S): Guldiken, Rasim

Fall 2015
Design of Shape Morphing Structures Using Bistable Elements
STUDENT: Alqasimi, Ahmad
ADVISOR(S): Lusk, Craig

Heat Transfer Analysis of Slot Jet Impingement onto Roughened Surfaces
STUDENT: Alshatti, Rashid
ADVISOR(S): Durham, Delcie / Rahman, Muhammad

Kinematic Control of Redundant Mobile Manipulators
STUDENT: Mashali, Mustafa
ADVISOR(S): Dubey, Rajiv

Use of FDM Components for Ion Beam and Vacuum Applications
STUDENT: Tridas, Eric
ADVISOR(S): Guldiken, Rasim / Schlaf, Rudiger

Summer 2015
Experimental Investigation of Encapsulated Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage
STUDENT: Alam, Tanvir
ADVISOR(S): Mujumdar, Ajit / Goswami, Yogi

Self-Assembly Kinetics of Microscale Components: A Parametric Evaluation
STUDENT: Carballo, Jose
ADVISOR(S): Crane, Nathan

A Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Flow Induced Noise In Hydraulic Counterbalance Valves
STUDENT: Elsheikh, Mutasim
ADVISOR(S): Porteiro, Jose / Weber, Steve

A Planar Pseudo-Rigid-Body Model for Cantilevers Experiencing Combined Endpoint Forces and Uniformly Distributed Loads Acting in Parallel
STUDENT: Logan, Philip
ADVISOR(S): Lusk, Craig / Volinsky, Alex

Spring 2015
Systems Approach to Producing Electrospun Polyvinylidene Difluoride Fiber Webs with Controlled Fiber Structure and Functionality
STUDENT: Bell, Brian
 Durham, Delcie / Thomas, Sylvia

A Technical and Economic Comparative Analysis of Sensible and Latent Heat Packed Bed Storage Systems for Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Plants
STUDENT: Trahan, Jamie
ADVISOR(S): Durham, Delcie / Goswami, D. Yogi

Fall 2014
Pseudo-Rigid-Body Models for Approximating Spatial Compliant Mechanisms of Rectangular Cross Section
STUDENT: Ramirez, Issa
ADVISOR(S): Lusk, Craig

Thermal Assessment of a Latent-Heat Energy Storage Module During Melting and Freezing for Solar Energy 
STUDENT: Ramos Archibold, Antonio
ADVISOR(S): Rahman, Muhammad / Goswami, Yogi

Summer 2014
Analysis and Application of Passive Gait Rehabilitation Methods
STUDENT: Handzic, Ismet
ADVISOR(S): Reed, Kyle

Spring 2014
A 3-D Pseudo-Rigid-Body Model for Rectangular Cantilever Beams with an Arbitrary Force End-Load
STUDENT: Chimento, Jairo
ADVISOR(S): Lusk, Craig

Fall 2013
Development of Nanostructured Graphene/Conducting Polymer Composite Materials for Supercapacitor Applications
STUDENT: Basnayaka, Punya
ADVISOR(S): Kumar, Ashok / Stefanakos, E.K.

Human Intention Recognition Based Assisted Telerobotic Grasping of Objects in an Unstructured Environment
STUDENT: Khokar, Karan
ADVISOR(S): Dubey, Rajiv

Summer 2013
An Acoustic-based Microfluidic Platform for Active Separation and Mixing
STUDENT: Jo, Myeong Chan
ADVISOR(S): Guldiken, Rasim

Continuous Electrowetting in Passivating and Non-passivating Systems
STUDENT: Khodayari, Mehdi
ADVISOR(S): Crane, Nathan / Volinsky, Alex

Spring 2013
Hydrogen Storage in Hypercrosslinked Polystyrene and Li-Mg-N-H Complex Hydride
STUDENT: Demirocak, Dervis
ADVISOR(S): Kumar, Ashok / Stefanakos, E.K.

Analytical and Numerical Modeling of Assembly Procedures of Steel Fulcra of Bascule Bridges
STUDENT: Garapati, Sri Harsha
ADVISOR(S): Dubey, Rajiv / Kaw, Autar

Analytical Modeling, Perturbation Analysis and Experimental Characterization of Guided Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors
STUDENT: Onen, Onursal
ADVISOR(S): Guldiken, Rasim

Spring 2012
The Creation of a Robotics Based Human Upper Body Model for Predictive Simulation of Prostheses Performance
STUDENT: Lura, Derek
ADVISOR(S): Dubey, Rajiv


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