Research Grants & Awards

Grants & Awards 2013-2014                                                                        Department Total: $3,060,395

Alqasemi, Redwan
Amount: $50,000
National Science Foundation
I-Corps Teams: Commercialization of Multi-Purpose Gripper

Amount: $5,351
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center
Spine Biomechanics Control Interface

Carey, Stephanie
Amount: $19,500
James A. Haley Veteran's Hospital
Gait Pertubations Systems for Balance Recovery at the VA

Amount: $12,500
Co-PI: Dubey, Rajiv
Florida Space Grant Consortium
Graduate Students Encouraging STEM Learning with Bioastronautics

Crane, Nathan B.
Amount: $124,785
Co-PI: Volinsky, Alexei A.; Guldiken, Rasim
National Science Foundation
Large Stroke Microscale Actuators Based on Electrowetting

Dubey, Rajiv V.
Amount: $49,999
Co-PI: Sundarrao, Stephen; Dekker, Don L.; DeLaurentis, Kathryn J.
National Science Foundation
Capstone Design and Rehabilitation Engineering at the University of South Florida

Amount: $355,819
Co-PI: Quillen, William S.
US Army Medical Research & Material Comm.
Development of a Simulation Tool for Upper Extremity Prostheses 

Amount: $11,089
Co-PI: Wernke, Matthew M.
James A. Haley Veteran's Hospital
Gait Pertubations and Upper Body Responses for Balance Recovery at the Tampa VA

Amount: $12,600
National Science Foundation
Maximizing Manipulation Capabilities of Persons with Disabilities Using a Smart Wheelchair-Mounted Robotic System

Amount: $1,498,927
Co-PI: Wright, Tennyson J.
Florida Department of Education
Rehabilitation Engineering and Technology Program

Amount: $200,019
Co-PI: Sundarrao, Stephen; Alqasemi, Redwan M.; Carey, Stephanie L.; DeLaurentis, Kathryn J.
Florida Department of Education
University of South Florida (USF) Virtual Reality and Robotics

Durham, Delcie R.
Amount: $64,626
National Science Foundation
Workshop: Faculty Development Needs for Advanced Manufacturing in the USA

Gallant, Nathan
Amount: $95,269
National Science Foundation
CAREER: Combinatorial Biomaterials for Endothelial Cell Mechanobiology

Amount: $53,500
United Negro College Fund
Rapid Fabrication of Complex Tissues for Regeneration of Myocardial Tissues (Fellowship for Olukemi Akintewe)

Guldiken, Rasim
Amount: $15,000
Co-PI: Wang, Jing
Waves in Solids, LLC
Acoustic Emission Technology on a Chip

Kaw, Autar K.
Amount: $202,515
National Science Foundation
Improving and Assessing Student Learning in an Inverted STEM Classroom

Amount: $8,635
National Institute of Standards and Tech
NIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship - Gaithersburg

Lusk, Craig P.
Amount: $76,329
National Science Foundation
CAREER: Design for Integrity in Shape-Shifting Surfaces

Phillips, Samuel J.
Amount: $55,469
James A. Haley Veteran's Hospital
Research Activity at Veterans Hospital- no project title given

Reed, Kyle B.
Amount: $127,229
National Science Foundation
HCC: Small: Perception of Accurate Interactions through Bimanual Integrated Forces and Motions

Wilkinson, Stuart
Amount: $21,234
James A. Haley Veteran's Hospital
Development of the Angel Hands Patient Lift System - Phase 3


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