Coverdell Fellows Program

Peace Corps Coverdell Felllow 2017

Peace Corp Fellow

Ashlee Painter is a Peace Corp Coverdell Fellowship Recipient and a Graduate Assistant at the University of South Florida's Patel College of Global Sustainability. Painter holds a B.S. in biology from Clemson University, M.A.S. in Marine Biology from James Cook University and is currently pursuing her second Master's degree in Coastal Sustainability at PCGS. 

Painter's passion for both land and sea has led her to numerous concerns of the world including Australia, West Africa, and Hawaii. As an undergraduate she studied abroad in New South Wales, Australia. It was during this time that Ashlee decided to continue her education and later graduated with a Masters of Applied Science in Marine Biology at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia. After being accepted into the Peace Corp in 2003, Painter spent the next two years in Cameroon, West Africa. In Cameroon, she used sustainability practices such as agroforestry to help local farmers stabilize their soil by growin trees so that the land can be reused over time. In Hawaii, Painter worked on a farm where she used her farming teachings to further research with Pioneer Hi-Bred. 

Painter donates her time to the Florida Aquarium where she is a husbandry intern and helps the staff care for the animals. She also volunteers at the FWX's Suncoast Youth Conservation Center helping to expand at USF's Patel College of Global Sustainability, Painter hopes to combine her two degrees of Marine Biology and Coastal Sustainability to help small communities practice sustainable policies.