Immunization Compliance

Due to USF's winter break, Student Health Services will have limited hours of operation prior to the beginning of the spring 2015 semester. SHS strongly encourages you to complete any required paperwork prior to the first week of school so as to not delay your ability to register for classes.

Submit forms by fax, email, or online to ensure they arrive and are processed prior to the deadline of December 19, 2014.

All students new to USF are required to submit a signed copy of the official Mandatory Immunization History Form and submit immunization documentation for the following:

  1. Medical History form: Sign the Mandatory Immunization Health History Form
  2. Measles 1, Measles 2, Rubella (MMR): Vaccination (2 doses after 1st birthday) OR Titer (lab work) Date & Result
  3. Hepatitis B-1: Vaccination OR Check the declination box OR Titer (lab work) Date & Result
  4. Meningitis: Menactra/MCV4 vaccination at AGE 16 OR OLDER (if living on campus) OR check the declination (if not living on campus)
  5. TB Screening: Tuberculosis Screening required for all International Students and U.S. born students residing at an address outside the U.S. at the time of application.

Without submitting proof of the required immunizations or signing the acceptable waivers, you will NOT be able to register for classes. Residential students will NOT receive a housing assignment without showing proof of meningitis vaccination.