International Resources

Global Discovery Database

USF is a member of the UCosmic© Consortium, an international group of universities and higher  education organizations collaboratively developing open-source software to record and map the global activities of universities and colleges. USF World will utilize the program to present a comprehensive portrait of the university's global footprint (The Global Discovery Database). USF is one of 17 organizations around the world working to develop this unique, online, and interactive system for  highlighting how USF faculty, staff, and students impact the world we live in. 

USF World, in partnership with USF IT, is designing the faculty and staff module for the system. This element of the system will allow faculty and staff to highlight their international activities including research, teaching, creative endeavors, professional development, consulting, advising, honors and awards, as well as language and geographic expertise. Within this module, faculty, and staff will be able to feature their international engagement and network with colleagues.

Over the next two years, consortium members will work to develop additional modules for the Database that track alumni living and working abroad, student activities, international student recruitment, and international corporate connections.

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