USF Coronavirus Supplies Request

As part of the phased return to our campuses, USF is centrally purchasing and providing certain supplies.

To request supplies, use the FAMIS Work Order System (for requests related to COVID-19 signage, please see the COVID-19 Public Health Signage section below):

To request supplies for CAMLS, STC, and MDD send an email to, and  

All requests for coronavirus supplies will be treated with priority “Urgent” whenever possible. General inquiries can be routed to For questions, please contact the Facilities Management Service Centers at each campus:

Tampa Campus: (813) 974-2845 or  
St. Petersburg Campus: (727) 873-4135 
Sarasota-Manatee Campus: (941) 359-4519 


All supplies should be ordered via the FAMIS Work Order System for USF, USFSP, and USMSM. CAMLS, STC, and MDD should send an email to,, and

Each "Sani-Kit" includes three (3) disinfectant bottles, two (2) packs of paper towels, and one to two (1-2) box of gloves (total of 200 gloves). These kits have been placed in centralized employee areas such as breakrooms and are for office use - not for classrooms. Instructions for requesting resupply are included on the Sani-Kits boxes. Please review the Safety Data Sheet for the disinfectant included in the sani-kits.

Students, faculty, and staff will receive two cloth masks that can be washed and reused.

Requests for face coverings for Faculty and Staff should be made through the FAMIS work order system. Students are unable to request face coverings through FAMIS. 

Distribution of face coverings to students will occur during the "Week of Welcome" at locations in and/or around the Marshall Student Center. Students living in on-campus housing will have face coverings distributed by Housing and Residential Education.

HAND SANITIZER (4 oz. Spray Bottles)
Spray hand sanitizer is available through vending machines strategically placed around campus. All students and employees with a valid USF ID card will be able to get two (2) 4 oz. complimentary bottles every 30 days. Check the Hand Sanitizer Vending Locations for each campus.

A limited quantity of disposable surgical grade masks are reserved for faculty and/or Deans/Directors for specific use cases. These masks are centrally distributed by the university and are not avaliable by request. 


The Facilites Management team surveyed USF campuses and developed a signage placement plan. Signage is being installed to meet those identified needs. 

To submit a signage replacement request for damaged signage, please submit your request through the FAMIS work order system. Using the signage catalog, please note the signage item number(s) that need to be replaced and the location of the signage.

If additional signage is needed, review the signage catalog for current signage avaliable. Please contact Steve Lafferty with the request.

For signage needs that are not addressed in the signage catalog, please contact Aaron Nichols & Colton Morgan


A half mile of acrylic screens have been installed in service areas across all of USF's campuses.