USF Annual Space Survey (FAMIS)

University of South Florida Facilities Management maintains a university-wide space inventory using the Space Management module within the Facilities and Asset Management Information System (FAMIS). FAMIS contains information related to spaces, buildings, and grounds for the university, including building floor plans.

Facilities Management conducts an annual space survey to gather and verify space, function, and occupant data. Each year FM contacts the departments to verify the survey participants and identify the departmental contacts who will be assigned the Surveyor and Approver roles. These individuals will be responsible for completing the space survey for their department.

The space survey information is used by the University for many purposes. Of them the primary purposes are:

  1. To identify and catalog space used for (or available for use for) research activities.
  2. To provide non-research space occupant data to other university systems.
  3. To generate a Space File report by semester for submission of the required university’s space data to the Florida State University System’s Board of Governors, listing all spaces classified by type.
  4. To provide space data to the class scheduling programs and property management systems.

As a major metropolitan research university, a significant amount of space at USF is dedicated for the performance of research related activities. It’s vital that USF’s senior management makes the most efficient use of these specialized areas to enhance USF’s research profile and to meet sponsor and researcher expectations for the performance of this important mission. Preparation for the audit requires a collection of information related to space and its usage. Some of this required information is managed by Facilities Management using other processes. However, some of the information is required to be provided by the departments that use the space.

Facilities Management has the responsibility for inventory, modification, and evaluation of academic and administrative facilities for the university’s campuses, and various off-campus facilities owned or leased by the university.

Scope & Importance and Need for Data

Space at the university is accounted for by the functionality and occupancy of each room. The FAMIS Space Survey module is used to collect the required information and allow the Surveyors and Approvers to review, add, and update the data for their area(s) of responsibility.

The data specified in this Space File is used as the basis for many high level university decisions, budget allocations and requests for additional capital funding from the State of Florida. The importance of maintaining an up-to-date space file cannot be overlooked.  Critical information gathered regarding the utilization and occupancy of space is instrumental in long range planning as well as day to day operations. 

Additionally, knowing who is occupying (or likely to occupy) each university space helps assure employee, student and visitor safety at USF.  In the event of a storm or other natural disaster or a man-made crisis such as a fire or equipment explosion, knowing the likely occupants of each room can help emergency workers make decisions and take actions that could save lives and prevent injuries.

The Surveyors and Approvers of the space play a critical role in this process and help the university in achieving and sustaining competitiveness and financial stability.

Space Allocation Policies & Procedures

Facilities Management has the responsibility for determining the policies for campus space management including assignment and reassignment of space to follow divisional and departmental hierarchies. This includes the following functions:

  1. Space is a University resource and is an enormous asset.

  2. Space is allocated to align with the University strategic goals.

  3. Space resources should be deployed in the most efficient and effective manner.

  4. University space can be reassigned to achieve optimal utilization and respond to current and emerging needs.

  5. Space Assignments University-wide

  6. Administration of the FAMIS Space Management module

  7. Verification and certification of data for the Space File

  8. Coordination with USF Office of Planning Budget & Analysis.

FAMIS Account Request Forms

The Space Survey Account Setup/Change Request form is available on the Facilities Management Service Center webpage

Reference Documents and Template

The following documents are available for additional information:

  • FAMIS Space Survey Data Gathering Template
    This Microsoft Excel template is being provided to assist in data gathering for the survey. Utilization of this template, along with viewing/printing the building floor plans should assist users in gathering and preparing for entering data into FAMIS. (Instructions to print floor plans is included in the FAMIS Space Survey Instructions document)

  • FAMIS Space Survey Instructions
    Contains information about USF’s Annual Space Survey and instructions on how to utilize FAMIS to access and complete the survey.

  • FAMIS Analytics Space Survey Report Instructions
    Provides instructions to access FAMIS Analytics to generate status reports to assist Space Surveyors and Approvers in reviewing the data that has been entered.

FAMIS Space survey Training