Campus Planning

Campus Planning manages many aspects of the USF campus property development, including the annual Five Year Capital Improvement Plan, new facilities programs, landscape design, the comprehensive Campus Master Plan process, Campus Master Plan Updates/Amendments, Campus Development Agreement, and coordination with the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, and the City of Temple Terrace.  The Campus Master Plan includes Academic facilities, Student Housing, Athletics/Recreation, Support facilities, Infrastructure, Conservation/Sustainability, and Transportation Demand Management, including planning for transit, bike lanes, sidewalks, roads, parking, and other alternative modes of travel.

Campus Planning provides the following services:

  • Campus Master Plans
  • USF Capital Improvement Plan Summary
  • Campus Development Committee (CDC)
  • Program, budget, and site analysis support for campus projects (PECO, CITF, Bond, etc.)
  • Coordination of off-campus City/County projects
  • Assistance with reports, issues, and questions related to leases and subleases

Annual Capital Improvement Plan

Campus Development Committee (CDC)

Campus Master Plans

Major Component Elements of the Campus Master Plan are interrelated and receive input from a wide variety of campus divisions, individuals, and area experts. These elements include future land use, transportation, housing, infrastructure & utilities, conservation, recreation & open space, intergovernmental coordination, and capital improvements.

2017 Amendments to 2015-2025 USF Campus Master Plan Update 

2015-2025 USF Campus Master Plan Update (Tampa Campus)