Post Office

Dispatch and Distribution

The USF Post Office is responsible for providing mail service to USF students, faculty and staff on the Tampa campus. USF Health and FMHI have their own mail operations.

Customers may request free mailing labels, envelopes, boxes, and forms by calling or emailing us. For current postal services and rates available at your USF Post Office, call or email our office for assistance. To calculate your own postage rate, visit the USPS website and use the price calculator tool. 

The Dispatch and Distribution area is responsible for:

  • Campus mail delivery and pickup (mail routes)
  • Incoming United States Postal Service mail
  • Outgoing metered mail (postage applied)
  • Intra-campus mail
  • Student resident mail

The Campus Mail Delivery and Pickup System conducts official university business only -- defined as university departments, organizations, foundations and student residents. USF Post Office employees cannot pick up Personal mail or Registered mail on the campus delivery routes. Customers are requested to bring Registered mail to the USF Post Office Contract Unit. 

Services such as folding, stuffing and sealing envelopes can be added to any mailing job in the Dispatch or Permit Mail areas. Please call or email us for further details.