Post Office

Off-Campus Mail

Standard Sizes for Domestic Mail

  • Minimum mail able dimensions for pieces ¼” thick or less: 3 1/2”H x 5”L, and .007” thick
  • Maximum letter-size dimensions: 6 1/8”H x 11 1/2”L
  • Maximum postcard dimensions: 4 ¼”H x 6”L, and .016” thick.
  • Maximum mail able dimensions: Length and girth combined should not exceed 108 inches.
    *Length is the measurement of the longest dimension. Girth is the distance around the thickest part (perpendicular to the length).
  • Maximum weight: no more than 70 lbs.

Notice: Keys and identification devices are exempt from these requirements. Additional standards apply to permit mail and mail addressed to an Army Post Office, Fleet Post Office, or Diplomatic Post Office.

USF Return Address, Tampa Campus

All outgoing official university mail must bear a complete departmental return address. No punctuation is used except for the hyphen in the ZIP code. There is no space within the mail code.


4202 E FOWLER AVE STOP “assigned mail code”
TAMPA FL 33620 - _ _ _ _ (assigned ZIP+4 code)

Additional information above these three lines should include information about the sender, such as person's name, department or special program. 

All university entities housed off campus must provide their address to the USF Post Office in order to be recognized by the USF Post Office as a valid university address.

Request for Change in Mail Delivery

USF Post Office is responsible for assigning university mail codes and ZIP+4 codes. Personnel involved in any change to mail delivery or mail code should contact the USF Post Office prior to making the change. Please send requests to: