Post Office

Permit Mail Preparation Center

On-Campus Mail Addressing Service

USF Post Office can apply names and campus addresses to on-campus mailing. The mail will then be sorted and delivered to the appropriate addresses. Customers can choose to use the USF Post Office's address list (downloaded from the GEMS system) or they may provide their own (in an MS Excel spreadsheet or MS Access database). Please call or email us for further details.

The Post Office can address the mail by using a computer program that extracts data from the GEMS system. There are two options:

  • Option 1: Customers can select the employee type (USPS, A&P, FACULTY and/or OPS) and select the location (Tampa, Sarasota and/or St. Pete Campus).
  • Option 2: Customers can choose Dean, Vice President, Director, Department Head and/or Faculty Chair Person.
  • Note: combinations of Option 1 and Option 2 are not possible (e.g. you cannot choose Director from Option 2 and Faculty from Option 1 on a single mailing).

Permit Mail Addressing and Preparation Service

The USF Post Office owns and maintains bulk-mailing permits. The term bulk refers to a large number of pieces per mailing instead of single pieces.

Permit mail provides a way to obtain reduced postage rates. Non-profit postage is the most economical rate available; however, the mail must be substantially related to the purpose of the University, which is education. Nonprofit rates cost less than regular bulk rates. All nonprofit mail, using Permit #257, must bear a complete University of South Florida return address.

Each mail piece should already have the permit indicia and return address on it and is sealed when received. However, for a fee, the Post Office can print the permit indicia, return address and seal envelopes - for up to a 1/4" thick mail pieces.

Customers need to provide the USF Post Office with the mailing, two extra pieces of the mail for record purposes, a Mail Service Document and the address file. Provide the address file on a disk or email to