Our Mission

Transforming the conversation about hunger and food insecurity and food sovereignty, using research and education, to facilitate social equity that results in healthier communities in Tampa Bay and beyond.

Our Goals

  • Conduct research to understand the effects of hunger and food insecurity in the community, home, and individuals;

  • Educate the public and stakeholders about the diverse face of food insecurity and its downstream effects on community health (i.e., social, economic, physical, and mental);

  • Develop action plans for the deployment of programs and activities that connect communities together to provide solutions to food insecurity that will contribute to building healthy communities and food sovereignty; and develop policy statements (e.g., White Papers) for policy-makers and stakeholders.

Our Objectives

  • Conduct comprehensive baseline assessments of the food insecurity and food sovereignty in Tampa Bay in order to inform the design and implementation of short- and long-term multi-sectorial community initiatives and policy changes that result in the elimination of food insecurity and improved community health.

  • Conduct follow-up assessments, sub-studies, and evaluations in order to measure the efficacy of community activities, programs, and policies aimed at eliminating food insecurity and improving community health.

  • Secure external funding to conduct research in order to gain a better understanding of the inter-related factors responsible for food insecurity and community health.

  • Disseminate research findings through scholarly presentations and publications, technical reports, a dedicated website, popular and social media, and public forums.

  • Educate the public and stake-holders, through media campaigns, community forums, symposia and conferences, a dedicated website, and trainings and workshops about the diverse face of food insecurity and its downstream effects on community health.

  • Provide trainings to agencies and institutions that provide food assistance, food and nutrition education, and local food production education targeting food insecure communities, households, and individuals.

  • Provide educational and research training and opportunities to faculty, students, and community stakeholders.

  • Establish The Journal for Advancement of Food Security and Healthy Communities at the University of South Florida

  • Develop new courses for undergraduate and graduate students that address food security, food sovereignty, and healthy communities through university-public-private engagement.

  • Organize a biennial Forum that addresses current research, programming and activities, policies, and best practices regarding food (in)/security and healthy communities.