About Us


As a coalition with strong, visionary leadership, CSL serves as a catalyst for positive, innovative change by offering vision, initiating, developing, and implementing strategies for energetic and effective programs and projects to improve STEM education at all levels. We bring together the best partner - both groups and individual professionals - to achieve common purposes.

Our partners include

  • Facilitators
  • Program and project managers
  • Instructional designers and technologists
  • Curriculum development specialists
  • Adult and childhood educators and trainers
  • Test development specialists
  • Data analysts, statisticians, and psychometricians
  • Auditors and program evaluators
  • Communication professionals
  • Developmental and technical editors
  • Technology experts
  • Graduate and postdoctoral researchers
  • Grant specialists
  • Knowledgeable support personnel

As part of the University of South Florida, we represent a model of university-affiliated research, development, and service. The Coalition is able to serve a variety of clients with diverse needs because our staff members and partners possess a wide range of knowledge and skills in multiple areas of expertise. We can access professionals from multiple disciplines across the university and throughout Florida and the nation. This allows us to customize our projects with the expertise of highly qualified experts.