Elizabeth Aranda, Ph.D.


Elizabeth Aranda, Ph.D. is a Professor of Sociology at the University of South Florida. A native of Puerto Rico, she has dedicated herself to documenting the lived experience of migration and to share (im)migrants’ stories through her research and teaching. She is author of Emotional Bridges to Puerto Rico and co-author of Making a Life in Multiethnic Miami. Her research has appeared in various journals such as Social Problems, and Gender & Society, among others. 

Elizabeth Aranda

melanie escue, ph.d.

Research Associate

Melanie Escue, Ph.D., is a research associate at the University of South Florida. Currently, her research focuses on the lived experiences and well-being of im/migrant populations in the United States. Leveraging both qualitative and quantitative methods, she draws attention to the pressing - and often unmet - emotional health needs of young adults without permanent legal status. In addition, her work explores the adaptation and well-being of Puerto Rican post-disaster migrants and return migrants. 

Melanie Escue