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IW Scholar Collaborative

Im/migrant well-being: A nexus for research & policy conference. In this picture, the co-founders of the collaborative are shown: Dr. Liza Aranda and Dr. Eli Vaquera.

The Im/migrant Well-Being Research Center at USF has partnered with the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute at GWU to create the Im/migrant Well-Being Scholar Collaborative, a collective of scholars who believe in the power of empirical research to make a positive impact in the lives of im/migrants.

Internship Opportunity

immigrant woman and child

USF students will have the opportunity help a person in need of practicing English by joining English conversation practice and tutoring sessions for internship credit or community service. Contact us and a staff member of the IWRC will be in touch!

Im/migrant Lives Podcast

Im/migrant Lives Podcast Series

Drawing on both cutting-edge research and grassroots activities, this podcast seeks to inform the public about how policies and community organizations can solve the most pressing problems facing im/migrant communities.