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Im/migrant Lives Podcast

Episode 3: Revamping Asylum

The right to seek asylum is protected under US federal law and the right to seek safety from persecution is backed by international law. Despite this, as immigrants and asylum seekers cross into the United States along the US-Mexico border, Congressional Representatives are negotiating changes to the US asylum system to slow the flow of migrants into the US. In this episode, we discuss the impact of these proposals and how the US asylum system could be revamped to ensure that a humanitarian approach guides changes to the asylum system.

Episode 2: Impact of Detention and Electronic Monitoring on Immigrant Children’s Well-Being

In Episode 2, Center Director Dr. Elizabeth Aranda interviews Dr. Caitlin Patler, Associate Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, and Dr. Mirian Martinez-Aranda, Assistant Professor of Sociology at UC Irvine, about the impact of adult immigrant detention and alternatives to detention on their children’s well-being.

Episode 1: Effects of SB 1718 on Florida's Im/migrant Communities

In Episode 1, Center Director Dr. Elizabeth Aranda interviews Nanci Palacios, Deputy Director of Faith in Florida, and Dr. Heide Castañeda, Professor of Anthropology, on the effects of SB 1718, the immigration law that passed in the Florida legislature in the Spring 2023 legislative session. This law criminalizes many aspects of immigrants’ lives in the name of curbing undocumented migration. In this episode, we discuss the law's effects on immigrants and their communities. 

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