Mahuya Pal

Associate Professor



Office: CIS 3036


Dr. Mahuya Pal is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication. Her critical organizational communication research explores decolonial politics anchored in organizing of resistance by underprivileged communities against institutional power. She contextualizes her research within the twenty-first century concerns about unbridled growth of transnational corporations, displacement and dispossession of communities, ever-widening disparities, and environmental degradation. Using a critical theoretical lens, and methodological frames such as ethnography, self-reflexive fieldwork, focus groups, interviews, and thematic analysis, Dr. Pal’s work specifically explores issues of marginality, imperial formations, poverty, social and environmental justice. Her research has been published in Human Relations, Communication Monographs, Communication Theory, Communication Yearbook, Communication, Culture & Critique, Management Communication Quarterly and elsewhere.

Dr. Pal is currently the chair of Organizational Communication Division, National Communication Association. She is associate editor of Journal of Applied Communication Research and Editor-Elect of Journal of International and Intercultural Communication. She also serves on editorial boards of Communication Monographs and Management Communication Quarterly.


Organizational Communication, Globalization, Postcolonial Studies