Communication focuses on the concepts, theories, and practice of human communication. Students apply their understanding of communication research and principles to personal, professional, and community relationships and concerns. 

The major consists of 6 core classes and 7 major electives.

The core classes are:

  • SPC 2608 Public Speaking
  • COM 2000 Introduction to Communication
  • SPC 3544 Persuasion and Media
  • SPC 3301 Interpersonal Communication
  • ORI 3004 Communication As Performance
  • COM 4958 Communication Capstone

The major electives can be chosen from the department offerings.

Major requirements

Find detailed information about the major requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog. 

minor requirements 

Find detailed information about the minor requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog. 

Program Outlines

Major Outline

2 and 4 Year Plans