Course Descriptions

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2000 Level Courses

COM 2000 Introduction to Communication SS (3) AS SPE
Introduction to the roles, contexts, and issues in contemporary human communication. Required of Communication majors.

COM 2130 Communication Skills for Health Professionals (3) AP SPE
Skills-oriented course for students interested in health sciences: basic tools for communicating clearly with patients, clients and non-medical audiences; also brings scholarly understanding of general communication-related issues in medical professions.

SPC 2608 Public Speaking SS (3) AS SPE
The nature and basic principles of human communication; emphasis on improving speaking and listening skills common to all forms of oral communication through a variety of experience in public discourse.

3000 Level Courses

COM 3014 Communication, Gender and Identity (3) AS SPE
Examines the communicative origins and implications of gender roles.

COM 3051 Analyzing Culture and Media (3) AS SPE
Applies theories of media and media industries to analysis of media texts to investigate relationships among culture, media, representation, and democracy. Majors only; non-majors by permit only. May not be repeated for credit.

COM 3052 Cultural Studies and Communication (3) AS SPE
Application of theories and methods of Cultural Studies to communication research. Emphasis on critical analysis of processes by which culture is produced, circulated, and negotiated. Majors only; nonmajors by permit only. May not be repeated for credit.

COM 3120 Organizational Communication (3) AS SPE
A survey of communication concepts which impact upon organizational effectiveness.

COM 3122 Interview Communication (3) AS SPE
A study of communication theory relative to interview situations with emphasis on the employment interview, appraisal interview, and persuasive interview.

COM 3413 Communication and Visual Culture (3) AS SPE
Examines the nature and practices of seeing as fundamental to communication with special emphasis on cultural and rhetorical implications of visual practices in aesthetic, political, and social arenas.

ORI 3004 Communication As Performance (3) AS SPE
Designed to develop proficiency in the understanding and oral communication of literary and other written materials.

ORI 3950 Communication As Performance Laboratory (1-3) AS SPE
The study, rehearsal, and performance of literature for Readers Theatre and Chamber Theatre productions.

SPC 3544 Persuasion and Media SS (3) AS SPE
Examines the role of persuasion in public and social life. Students will be introduced to key concepts and theories of persuasion from a variety of historical and contemporary perspectives. Students will use these concepts to create, analyze, and respond to persuasive messages.

SPC 3212 Communication Theory (3) AS SPE
The study of source, message, and receiver variables in human communication; communication settings; descriptive and predictive models of communication; communication as a process.

SPC 3230 Rhetorical Theory HP (3) AS SPE
This course surveys the foundations and historical evolution of major concepts, issues, theorists, and approaches to the study of rhetoric from Plato to recent contemporary theorists.

SPC 3301 Interpersonal Communication SS (3) AS SPE
A study of interpersonal communication in informally structured settings with emphasis on the understanding, description, and analysis of human communication.

SPC 3425 Group Communication 6A (3) AS SPE
A survey of theory and research in group communication. Group discussions and communication exercises to increase awareness of the dynamics of human communication in small group settings.

SPC 3513 Argumentation and Debate (3) AS SPE
Study of principles of argumentation as applied in oral discourse, analysis of evidence and modes of reasoning. Practice in debate preparation and delivery.

SPC 3602 Advanced Public Speaking (3) AS SPE
Study and application of communication strategies in speaking extemporaneously and from manuscript. The course includes study of selected public addresses as aids to increased understanding of speaking skills.

SPC 3653 Popular Forms of Public Communication (3) AS SPE
Analysis of public communication with emphasis on various presentational forms.

SPC 3680 Rhetorical Analysis (3) AS SPE
This course introduces students to fundamentals of message analysis. Student examines persuasive strategies and language in oral and written discourse.

SPC 3710 Communication and Cultural Diversity SS (3) AS SPE
Examination of communication and cultural diversity within the United States. Cultural groups include gender, racial and ethnic (e.g., African American, Latino American, Asian American), social class, age and generation, religious (e.g. Jewish) and physical ability.

4000 Level Courses

COM 4016 Public Memory (3) AS SPE
Exploration of collective memory as public communication. Examines public memory as created and communicated in memorials, museums, mediated history, nostalgia, and story. For majors; non-majors by permit. Not repeatable for credit.

COM 4020 Communicating Illness, Grief, and Loss 6A (3) AS SPE
Focus on stories of illness, grief, and loss to make sense of these experiences; to understand the cultural and rhetorical influences on how stories are told; and to explore the context of everyday life, romantic relationship, families, institutions, and culture in which they occur.

COM 4021 Family Communication and the End of Life (3) AS SPE
Explores theories and practices of family communication at end-of-life through language, relationships, bioethics, and case analysis techniques. For majors; non-majors by permit only. May not be repeated for credit.

COM 4022 Health Communication (3) AS SPE
Application of communication theory and research to the health context including provider-patient communication, health information campaigns, and health beliefs and behavior. Special attention to the value issues in health communication.

COM 4030 Women and Communication 6A MW (3) AS SPE
Examines women's patterns of communication in a variety of contexts. Also offered under Women's Studies.

COM 4050 Globalization and Democratic Discourse (3) AS SPE
Examines rhetoric of globalization and democracy from communication perspectives, especially the discourses of war, terrorism, nationalism, and security. For majors; non- majors by permit only. Not repeatable for credit.

COM 4104 Communication, Tourism, and Travel (3) AS SPE
Focuses on cultural, experiential, and performative practices and meanings of travel and tourism as sites of communication inquiry. Majors only; non-majors by permit. Not repeatable for credit.

COM 4124 Communication and Organizational Change (3) AS SPE
An advanced course covering current issues in organizational transformation (e.g., organizational dialogue, learning organizations, reengineering, work teams), and the role communication processes play in such changes.

COM 4128 Integrated Organizational Communication (3) AS SPE
Explores theories, practices, and functions of integrated communications strategies and tactics in organizational contexts. For Communication majors; non-majors by permit only. May not be repeated for credit.

COM 4151 Communication and Working Life in Contemporary Orgs (3) AS SPE
Explores workers and organizations through socialization, self-presentation, technologies, identity issues, and work-family balance. Majors only; non-majors by permit. May not be repeated for credit.

COM 4414 Race and Gender in Popular Film and Television (3) AS SPE
Explores representations of race and gender in contemporary TV and film and utilizes feminist and critical race theories to interrogate social inequalities. Majors only. Non-majors by permit only. May not be repeated for credit.

COM 4490 Communication and Love (3) AS SPE
Examines concepts, philosophy, and theories of love in connection with communication skills. Majors only; others by permission of instructor.

COM 4530 Influencing Public Opinion (3) AS SPE
Explores foundations, history, measurement techniques, and persuasive strategies of public opinion research and practice from rhetorical perspectives. Not repeatable for credit.

COM 4702 Communication, Language, and Mental Illness (3) AS SPE
Explores intersection of mental illness and communication as language, talk-in- interaction, and discourse as social practice. For majors; non-majors by permit. May not be repeated for credit.

COM 4710 Writing Lives 6A (3) AS SPE
Emphasizes writing stories about our lives and the lives of others as a way to understand, cope with and communicate social experiences.

COM 4931 Special Topics in Media Analysis (3) AS SPE
Selects contemporary topics in media, media genres, and forms to examine how social issues are reflected and changed. Majors only; non-majors by permit only. May be repeated for credit as topics change for 9 total credits.

COM 4942 Communication Intern Seminar (3) AS SPE
Seminar provides students with an opportunity to put into practice concepts and skills acquired in their study of communication. Weekly seminar sessions augment intern experience. Application for seminar must be submitted one semester prior to seminar offering.

COM 4958 Communication Senior Capstone (3) AS SPE
This capstone course for the Communication major features projects linking theory to practice, real world communication situations, and critical analysis of audiences and issues. Senior standing. For majors only.

ORI 4019 Performing Identity and Culture (3) AS SPE
Focuses on theory and practice of identity and culture as performed in ritual, community, and aesthetic contexts. Majors only; nonmajors by permit only. May not be repeated for credit.

ORI 4120 Performance of Poetry (3) AS SPE
Critical appreciation of lyric and narrative poetry and communication of that appreciation to audience. Study of poetic theory and prosodic techniques.

ORI 4150 Performing Nonfiction (3) AS SPE
Explores the genre of nonfiction, including diaries, memoirs, travelogues, new journalism, personal essays, and weblogs, through performance. For majors; nonmajors by permit. May not be repeated for credit.

ORI 4220 Performing Young Adult Literature (3) AS SPE
Performance of literature written for young adults with an emphasis on cultural values and beliefs. For majors; nonmajors by permit only. May not be repeated for credit.

ORI 4310 Group Performance of Literature (3) AS SPE
Designed to introduce the student to and give experience in various forms of group approaches to performance.

ORI 4320 Writing for Performance (3) AS SPE
Explores the intersection of writing and performance as aesthetic and communicative practices. For majors; nonmajors by permit only. May not be repeated for credit.

ORI 4410 Performance Art (3) AS SPE
Explores history, criticism, and practice of performance art as a genre of performance. Restricted to majors; nonmajors with permit. Not repeatable for credit.

ORI 4460 Performing Relationships (3) AS SPE
Explores interpersonal, organizational, and intercultural theories of human relationships as realized in literary texts through performance. For majors; nonmajors permit only. May not be repeated for credit.

ORI 4931 Performance and Video (3) AS SPE
This course features adaptation, direction, and performance of literature for video productions.

SPC 4201 Oral Tradition MW (3) AS SPE
Study of orality, its forms, functions, and transformations, in traditional and literate societies from folkloric and psychological traditions and from contemporary communication and cultural studies perspectives.

SPC 4305 Communicating Emotions 6A (3) AS SPE
Study of emotional experience, what emotions mean to us, how we talk about them, and the ways group and cultural memership influence them. Focus on attachment and loss in romantic, family and group relationships.

SPC 4307 Talk in Relationships (3) AS SPE
Explores talk as practical action through observation, transcription, and analysis. For majors only; non-majors by permit. May not be repeated for credit.

SPC 4310 Relationships on Film (3) AS SPE
Examination of the ways in which cinema inscribes conceptions and meanings of romance, love, intimacy and sexuality. Focus on systems of interpretation fostered by cinema representations of intimacy, sexuality, emotional, subjectivity, and betrayal.

SPC 4321 Communication and Aging (3) AS SPE
Examines theories of aging through intergenerational and interpersonal communication, explores aging in the media, and considers contexts of communication in older adulthood. Majors only; non- majors by permit only. May not be repeated for credit.

SPC 4431 Family Communication (3) AS SPE
Examines the processes and functions of communication in family relationships. Examination of scholarly and popular literature on family structure, family systems, family development, and family stories. Analysis of families in fiction and cinema.

SPC 4632 Rhetoric and Social Change 6A MW (3) AS SPE
This course examines how social change is symbolized and motivated in the rhetorics of institutions, campaigns, social movements and individuals.

SPC 4701 Intercultural Communication (3) AS SPE
Explores issues of culture, power, and politics inherent in the ways we practice intercultural communication.

SPC 4683 Rhetorical Analysis of Mass Media (3) AS SPE
An introduction to the criticism of media forms and effects. Contemporary perspectives of the aesthetic and persuasive dimensions of mass media are examined. Students will engage in critical study of media artifacts.

SPC 4714 Communication, Culture and Community MW (3) AS SPE
Examines the relationships among culture, communication, institutions, and public and private life. Students explore the possibilities and problems of contemporary forms of community through service in a volunteer organization.

SPC 4900 Directed Readings (1-3) AS SPE
Individualized reading with professor to complement undergraduate research projects.

SPC 4903 Honors Readings (3) AS SPE
Focused readings directed toward preparation of a proposal for an undergraduate honors thesis.

SPC 4905 Undergraduate Research (1-3) AS SPE
Individual investigations with faculty supervision.

SPC 4930 Selected Topics (1-3) AS SPE
Variable topics.
Fall 2019 - SPC 4930: Design Thinking

SPC 4932 Senior Seminar in Communication (3) AS SPE
Exploration of selected topics of current significance to the several areas of communication through group discussion and research.

SPC 4970 Honors Thesis (3) AS SPE
Involves individual research and preparation of an undergraduate honors thesis.

5000 Level Courses

SPC 5238 Topics in Rhetorical Analysis (3) AS SPE
Introduces a variety of critical perspectives applied to rhetoric in specialized contexts. Topics vary depending upon interest of students and faculty.

SPC 5930 Topics in Discourse (3) AS SPE
Variable topics course.