Undergraduate Student Achievements


Timothy Green

Tim Green collaborated with the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay to create a free, three-day after-school basketball camp for kids as part of his project for Dr. Laurel Friedman’s Senior Capstone class in Spring 2023.

Undergraduate Presentation

Undergraduate students present their work with the community as part of their Communication, Culture, and Community class with Dr. Sonia Ivancic. 

Community Class

Undergraduate students work with the community as part of their Communication, Culture, and Community class.

Haley Gamez

As part of her Communication Senior Capstone project, Hayley Gamez organized a food drive to support a local non-profit and focus on the United Nations' 2nd Global Goal, which aims to tackle food insecurity. Hayley partnered with St. Matthew's House, who supplied her with donation bins and posters with QR codes for Amazon donations. She also partnered with a Fort Myers Marketplace to house the food drive. She was inspired by a class with Dr. Ivancic to approach her social media marketing in ways that disrupted the "rigid binaries" in narratives about who gives and receives aid. Hayley collected more than 360 food items for St. Matthew's House. Hayley graduates this semester from our department.  


Danielle Williams & Christopher Reynolds

Danielle and Christopher created an e-tutorial for USF's iBuddy on how to better utilize social media as a tool to increase international student awareness and engagement with the program. Their tutorial includes mock posts, reels, stories, and estimated peak timelines as to when to post content. As part of their research, Danielle and Christopher interviewed several international students and will present their video testimonials to the iBuddy team. See more here:

Gabriella Mirabella

Gabriella (Gabbi) Mirabella, as part of her project in class, organized a community cleanup. Gabbi partnered with Keep Pinellas Beautiful to bring together 17 volunteers who collected 217lbs of trash. Gabbi also created a presentation on cleanup day to talk about the UN Global Goal #17, Life Below Water, and its links to local community need. 

Jack Forsyth 

Jack Forsyth's Senior Communication Capstone project (directed by Dr. Laurel Friedman) focused on the UN Sustainable Development G #2 (Zero Hunger), hosted a food drive with CAMP Tampa, where he works as a cycle instructor. Jack was able to raise both food and $50 for Metropolitan Ministries. As part of his project, he talked to his cycle students about the hunger crisis generally and Tampa's community need specifically. Jack hopes to build a career in the nonprofit sector after undergrad. See more here