Patrick McElearney

Assistant Professor of Instruction





Dr. McElearney joined the faculty in Fall 2020. Previously, he held faculty appointments at Louisiana State University. His research explores the sociocultural interplay between teenage identity and health through focusing on bodily performance, narrative, (un)controllability, the media, and cognitive and emotional affect. Dr. McElearney’s primary research takes a critical ethnographic approach to analyze teenage cancer patient’s telling personal cancer stories online, where he maps new narrative and performative structures for telling an illness story. In addition, Dr. McElearney takes a critical qualitative approach to teenage identity in health campaigns, where he has been Primary Investigator of a team conducting research to (re)implement and to (re)develop a campaign targeting childhood obesity. Outside of academic scholarship, Dr. McElearney has numerous credits for directing, writing, and performing in shows at multiple venues.


Health Communication, Performance Studies, Narrative Studies, Critical Culture, Critical Pedagogy, and (Auto)Ethnography

RESEARCH clusters

Health Communication; Interpersonal and Relational Communication; Media, Culture and Performance