Collage image of the various departments of the School of Geosciences.


The School of Geosciences was formed through the merger of three degree-granting programs: Geology, Environmental Science & Policy, and Geography. Geology and Environmental Science & Policy programs are commonly linked, at other Florida SUS institutions (e.g., Florida State University’s Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Studies; College of Arts and Sciences) and other AAU institutions (e.g., the University of Pittsburg’s Department of Geology and Environmental Science; College of Arts and Sciences). Our innovation was to add the Geography program, uniquely adding both the human element of the environment and the geospatial science and technology elements common to all three disciplines. Starting with this innovative model, the School of Geosciences has steadily built toward a common vision, sharing faculty, staff, students, curricula, and facilities and resources, creating and graduating students uniquely qualified to address the complex socioenvironmental problems common to our modern world.


The mission of the School of Geosciences is to facilitate student and faculty success through the delivery of high-quality, skills-based, undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in environmental science and policy, geography, and geology; to generate knowledge and foster intellectual development by undertaking high-impact scholarship focusing on local, state, national, and global problems; and to develop academic, community, and professional partnerships to advance career and service opportunities for a diverse student body.


The School of Geosciences provides outstanding educational opportunities, undertakes high-impact research, and engages in community partnerships to foster intellectual development and academic success, while advancing social and environmental sustainability in the Anthropocene. The USF School of Geosciences aspires to be the model for integrating environmental sciences and policy, geography, and geology programs into a trans-disciplinary academic unit that focuses on problem solving, skills development, and applications. In five years, it will be: (1) one of the top academic geoscience units in the country; (2) one of the top research geoscience units in the country; and (3) an asset to the State of Florida for improving quality of life.


  1. Professional and ethical responsibility, academic freedom, collegiality, and cultural diversity
  2. High-quality, affordable, and accessible education
  3. High-impact research of both regional and global relevance


  1. Well-educated, highly skilled students prepared to enter the workforce and/or pursue graduate studies with minimal financial burden.
  2. High-impact research and scholarship generating new knowledge to improve the quality of life in the State of Florida and around the world.
  3. Mutually beneficial partnerships with community, industrial, and professional organizations supporting USF’s contribution to a strong and sustainable future for Florida in the global economy.