Name Title Specialty Campus
Akiwumi, Fenda Professor & Director, Institute on Black Life Resource Development, Conservation and Policy, Sustainability Tampa
Alsharif, Kamal Associate Professor Water Resources Management and Policy, Environmental Policy, Sustainability Tampa
Ananga, Erick Associate Professor of Instruction   Tampa
Bosman, Martin Associate Professor Geography Tampa
Braunmiller, Jochen Research Assistant Professor



Cavello, Seth Assistant Professor of Instruction & Undergraduate Director for Geography, Environmental Science & Policy Human Geography Tampa
Charbonnier, Sylvain Associate Professor Volcanology Tampa
Collins, Jennifer Professor



Connor, Charles Professor Physical Volcanology and Geophysics Tampa
Dixon, Barnali Professor, Executive Director, iCAR, & Director, Geospatial Analytics Lab (G-SAL) GIS, Geocomputation, Integrated Water Resources Modeling and Coastal Resilience St. Petersburg
Dixon, Timothy Distinguished University Professor & Director, USF Natural Hazards Network Geodesy Tampa
Downs Firat, Joni Professor & Director, School of Geosciences Geographic Information Science, Movement Ecology, Epidemiology, Urban Wildlife Tampa
Elshorbany, Yasin Associate Professor Atmospheric Chemistry & Climate St. Petersburg
Germa, Aurélie Associate Professor & Undergraduate Director for Geology Volcanology Tampa
Gulley, Jason Associate Professor Geomorphology in Carbonate Terrains; Karst Hydrogeology; and Glaciology Tampa
Herbert, Gregory Associate Professor Paleobiology, Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Marine Science Tampa
Ivey, James Associate Professor of Instruction Marine/Estuarine Ecology, Ocean Color Remote Sensing St. Petersburg
Jimenez Soto, Esteli Assistant Professor Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems Tampa
Jin, He Assistant Professor of Instruction GIScience, Obesity, Food Environment, Health Geography, Big Data, Urban Planning, Spatial Data Mining, Spatial Statistics, and Geovisualization Tampa
Johns, Rebecca Associate Professor Society-Nature Relationships, Environmental Citizenship, Environmental Education, Community-Based Climate Resilience St. Petersburg
Juster, Thomas Associate Professor of Instruction Hydrogeology Tampa
Kruse, Sarah Professor Near-Surface and Environmental Geophysics Tampa
Landry, Shawn Research Associate Professor & Director, USF Water Institute Environmental Geography, Remote Sensing, Geospatial Analysis, GIS/GPS, Decision Support Systems Tampa
Malservisi, Rocco Associate Professor & Graduate Director of Geology Geodesy Tampa
Mbatu, Richard Associate Professor & Associate Chair Political Ecology, Political Economy of Natural Resources, Global Conservation, Sustainable Development, Climate Change St. Petersburg
McIlrath, Judy Senior Instructor Geoscience Education; Intro to Physical Geology Coordinator; Graduate Success Coordinator Tampa
McNutt, Stephen Professor Volcano Seismology, Infrasound, Lightning Tampa
Meindl, Christopher Associate Professor & Director, Florida Studies Program Water Resources, Wetlands, Springs, Water and Environmental Management, Natural Hazards, Environmental Historical Geography, Neoliberalism, Florida St. Petersburg
Menicucci, Anthony Research Associate & Manager, USF Stable Isotope Lab Isotope Geochemistry, Deep Time Tampa
Mizak, Connie Professor of Instruction Environmental & Occupational Health and Environmental Science & Policy Tampa
Njoh, Ambe Professor The Urban Planning/Public Health Nexus, Sustainable Development, Hygiene and Sanitation, Water Delivery Systems; Transportation and Land Use Tampa
Onac, P. Bogdan Professor Karst Geology and Paleoclimatology Tampa
Pasek, Matthew Professor Astrobiology, Geochemistry, Cosmochemistry Tampa
Qiang, Yi Associate Professor GIScience, Spatial Data Science, Disaster Resilience, Visual Analytics, Geocomputation Tampa
Rains, Kai Research Associate Professor Wetland Science and Functional Assessment, Plant Ecology, Biogeochemistry and Soil Science, Mycorrhizal Ecology, Root Growth and Nutrient Acquisition, Geospatial Analysis Tampa
Rains, Mark Professor Ecohydrology; Wetlands, Rivers, Estuaries; Scientific support of policy and decision-making Tampa
Reader, Steven Associate Professor & Director, Graduate Certificate in GIS GIScience and Spatial Statistics Tampa
Rodgers, Mel Research Assistant Professor Volcanic Hazards, Seismology, Photogrammetry, Geodesy, Machine Learning, Geophysics Tampa
Ryan, Jeffrey Professor Petrology, Geochemistry, and Geoscience Education Tampa
Smoak, Joseph Professor Wetland Biogeochemistry St. Petersburg
Spellman, Pati Assistant Professor Hydrology; Numerical Modeling Tampa
Tao, Ran Assistant Professor GIScience, Spatial Interactions (OD flows), Spatial Statistics, Spatial Data Mining, Geovisualization, Transportation, Migration, Crime, Civic Conflicts Tampa
Thompson, Glenn Research Assistant Professor Volcano Seismology, Volcano-seismic Monitoring Tampa
Tutak, Fatin Visiting Assistant Instructor Geological Engineering, GIS, Environmental Science, Geologic Mapping, Sinkholes, Geo-mechanics. Tampa
Van Beynen, Philip Professor, Associate Chair and Graduate Director of Geography, Environmental Science & Policy Karst environments pertaining to human disturbance, environmental indices, sustainability and paleoclimate change Tampa
Wang, Ping Professor & Associate Chair Coastal Research Tampa
Wetmore, Paul Associate Professor Structural Geology/Tectnics  Tampa

Emeritus Faculty

Name Title Specialty
Crisman, Thomas Professor Emeritus Freshwater Ecology specializing in Ecology and Management of Wetlands, Streams and Lakes in Tropics and Subtropics Globally
Davis, Richard Emeritus Distinguished Research Professor Coastal Geology, Sedimentology
Stewart, Mark Professor Emeritus Hydrology, Applied Geophysics, Numerical Modeling
Tobin Graham Professor Emeritus Natural Hazards, Water Resources
Vacher, H. Len Professor Emeritus Quantitative Literacy, Geoscience Education

Courtesy Faculty

Name Specialty Campus 
Atlas, Zachary

Analytical Geochemistry


Collins, Lori

LiDAR, Terrestrial Laser Scanning, 3D Printing, GPS, GIS, and Visualization Techniques

Tampa. Research Associate Professor & Co-Director, Digital Heritage and Humanities Collection, USF Library

Connor, Laura

Geo-hazard Modeling, Data Processing, Code Optimization

Doering, Travis Spatial Technologies and Imaging for Cultural and Natural Heritage Applications Tampa. Research Associate Professor & Co-Director, Digital Heritage and Humanities Collection, USF Library
Sheffield, Sarah Evolutionary paleobiology & Invertebrate paleobiology

Assistant Professor, Binghamton University

Urakawa, Hidetoshi Aquatic Ecology & Applied Environmental Science The Water School, Florida Gulf Coast University