Paul Wetmore

Associate Professor


Office: SCA 518
Phone: 813.974.4655
Lab: SCA520


B.S. in Geology 1994  SUNY college at Brockport.

M.S. in Geology 1998 (specialty: volcanism, geochemistry, structure-tectonics) Idaho State University.

Ph.D. in Geology (2003) (specialty: structure-tectonics, petrochemistry) University of Southern California

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor: Structure and Tectonics, University of South Florida (2005-present)

Post Doctoral Research Assistant: Tectonics, Petrology, and Geochemistry,University of Arizona (2003-2005)

Teaching Assistant: Physical Geography, Volcanology, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, Structural Geology, Mineralogy, Petrology (Ig., Sed., and Meta.)

Research Assistant: Instramental Nuetron Activation Analysis Laboratory, Department of Geology, Idaho State University (1996-1998)

Hydrologic Technician: United States Geological Survey, Idaho Falls, Idaho (1996-1998)

Field Camp Manager:  Department of Geology, Idaho State University (1997)

Zamboni Driver and Ice Arena Supervisor: SUNY College @ Brockport (1991-1993)


Magmatic and Structural Evolution of the Snake River Plain, Idaho

Mesozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Peninsular Ranges Batholith, Southern and Baja California

Quantitative Strain Analyses and Primary Fabric Corrections

Mass Transfer Processes active during Pluton Emplacement

Magmatic Distillation Processes to form Continental Crust

Graduate Students

Timothy Fallon

Specialty Area

Structural Geology/Tectonics