Jennifer Collins



Office: NES 316
Phone: 813.974.4242
Lab: NES 222


  • Ph.D., University College London, United Kingdom
  • B.Sc., Lancaster University, United Kingdom



  • GEO 1930 Geography of Current Events
  • GEO 2200 (3013) Introduction to Physical Geography
  • GEO 2371 Introduction to Earth System Science
  • MET 4002C / MET 4016 C Climatology / Climate Studies
  • MET 4012C Meteorology
  • EVR 4930 Weather Studies
  • EVR 4930 Environmental Science and Physical Geography in the UK: Study Abroad
  • IDH 4930 Hurricane Research Methods Seminar
  • EVR 2001 Introduction to Environmental Science
  • GEO 4940 Geography Internship
  • Other independent study and directed reading or research courses


  • GEO 6255 Weather, Climate, & Society
  • GEO 6970 Geographic Research design
  • Independent study, directed research, master's thesis research and dissertation research


Dr. Jennifer Collins is a Professor in the School of Geosciences at the University of South Florida. Her research focuses on weather and climate. As a hurricane researcher, Dr. Collins is interested in the interaction between large scale climatic patterns such as the El Niño – Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the Madden – Julian Oscillation and seasonal patterns of tropical cyclone activity in multiple oceanic basins. She is currently studying the environmental factors influencing the interannual and intraseasonal variation of hurricane activity in the eastern North Pacific and Atlantic oceans. As well as her work in the physical sciences she also works in the social sciences as she examines human behavior relating to hurricane evacuation. In addition to her hurricane work, Dr. Collins works in other areas related to weather, climate and hazards. She works closely on projects with the National Weather Service involving tornadoes and fog. In addition, she collaborates with international researchers and works in the area of climate change. Dr. Collins is the President of the West Central Florida Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, former Chair of the Climate Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers and serves on the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Unidata strategic advisory committee.

Graduate Students

Saurav Chakraborty
Yijie Zhu

Specialty Area


Recent Journal Articles 

  • Collins, J.M., R.L. Ersing, and A. Polen, 2017: Evacuation Decision Making during Hurricane Matthew: An Assessment of the Effects of Social Connections. AMS Weather, Climate and Society, 9 (4), 769-776. DOI: 10.1175/WCAS-D-17-0047.1.
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  • Yoo. J.*, R. Rohli, J.M. Collins, 2017: Low-level Westerly Winds, Topography, and Tropical Cyclogenesis of Arlene (2005): Observations and Model Simulations. The Professional Geographer, 69 (3) 348-361.
  • Collins, J.M., P. J. Klotzbach, R.N. Maue, D.R. Roache, E. S. Blake, C.H. Paxton, C.A. Mehta. 2016. The Record-Breaking 2015 Hurricane Season in the eastern North Pacific: An Analysis of Environmental Conditions. Geophysical Research Letters, 43 (17), 9217–9224. DOI: 10.1002/2016GL070597. This paper was also highlighted in EOS Research Spotlights as one of the best GRL papers of 2016.
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  • Collins, J.M. and P. Flaherty, 2014: Keeping an 'Eye' on Tropical Research Data: The NOAA Hurricane Hunters, Their Missions and Their Recent Work with the University of South Florida to Archive Historical Information. The Florida Geographer, 45, 14-27 


Collins, J.M. and K. Walsh, Eds, 2017: Hurricanes and Climate Change. Vol. 3. Springer, 255pp.

Collins, J.M., R. Rohli and C. Paxton, 2017: Florida Weather and Climate: More than Just Sunshine. University Press of Florida, 247pp.

Refereed book chapters

Collins, J.M., C. H. Paxton, T. Wahl, and C. T. Emrich (accepted by editors March 2017, whole book to be submitted and published after other authors complete their revisions). Climate and Weather Extremes. Florida’s Climate. In E. Chassignet, J. Jones, V. Misra, G. Mitchum, and J. Obeysekera, Eds., (ACCEPTED)

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