Yasin Elshorbany

Assistant Professor


Office: DAV 234
Phone: 727.873.4494


Yasin Elshorbany, a former NASA scientist, uses interdisciplinary science to unlock the secrets to climate change. His research interests include atmospheric chemistry, environmental sustainability and climate change. In his Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Laboratory, Elshorbany uses state-of-the-art laboratory, field measurements, remote sensing and multi-scale computer models to examine the causes and impacts of climate change, including evaluation of the socioeconomic risks related to climate change, especially in coastal regions.


  • M.S., Cairo University
  • PhD., University of Wuppertal, Germany


Elshorbany teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in organic and atmospheric chemistry, as well as in climate change. As an advisor, Elshorbany has overseen numerous student research projects, including a recent project studying the health impacts of air quality in various locations around the Tampa Bay Area.


In past projects, Elshorbany has studied the atmospheric oxidation capacity and formation of harmful secondary oxidation products in urban mega cities such as Santiago de Chile, as well as in rural and remote environments. He also used remote sensing products to validate and develop a computational efficient module for a 3D NASA model for atmospheric chemistry and climate applications. Recently, Elshorbany studied how permafrost may be speeding up climate change and its economic impacts on the global climate system. He was the Principal Investigator of a $800,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to research the climate impact of aerosols from ocean spray. Elshorbany has published dozens of peer-reviewed articles in international science journals.

Specialty Area

Atmospheric Chemistry & Climate

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