Fenda Akiwumi

Professor & Director, Institute on Black Life


Office: NES 314
Phone: 813.974.6887


I am an environmental and social geographer with backgrounds in geology and hydrogeology. My research interests are:

  • Sustainable Land Resource Development
  • Africa and African Diaspora
  • Ethnic Geographic Education Development

My research is at the intersection of the sciences, social sciences, and the humanities, with an applied, policy and community engaged focus. Diversity/cultural diversity is a consistent thread throughout my work on resource extraction of minerals and water, resource use and policy (sustainable development, sustainable livelihoods, indigenous knowledge systems), resource problems (equitable distribution, environmental deterioration, conflict, cultural alienation). My work in Ethnic Geographic Education and African Diaspora Development addresses issues such as anti-racism education, ethnic diversity, equity and inclusion, community development, cultural heritage preservation, and environmental and sociocultural justice.

I am, also currently serving as the Program Director of the USF Institute on Black Life (2018-Present).

Graduate Students

Faye Ricker

Specialty Area

Resource Development, Conservation and Policy, Sustainability