Jochen Braunmiller

Research Assistant Professor


Office: SCA 215
Phone: 813.974.4763


My research interests include earthquake source mechanisms and mechanics, regional and global tectonics, Earth structure and composition from passive seismology, fault interaction, seismicity, quantification of seismic sources, inverse problems.

Recent projects involving field work include:

  1. Deployment of OBSs along the Blanco Transform and the Gorda plate in the NE Pacific to study fault zone complexity and structure, and intra-plate deformation (2012-2015).
  2. Deployment of a temporary EarthScope FlexArray in northern Nevada to study normal fault geometry (2010-2012).

Other projects include studying mountain building processes using temporary seismic networks in Tibet and seismic wave propagation and source characterization in Iran.

Graduate Students

Kathryn Dorn
Daniel Graybeal

Specialty Area