He Jin

Instructor I


Office: NES 305


  • 2019 Ph. D. Geographic Information Science, Texas State University, USA
  • 2014 M.S. Geography Information System, East Stroudsburg University of PA, USA
  • 2011 B.A. Agriculture Science, Henan University of Science & Technology, China


Dr. Jin’s teaching philosophy is adaptive to different levels of learners. She is ambitious and pushes students to jump out of their “comfort zone” to strengthen the ability of critical thinking while embracing students with academic, culturally, and ethnically diverse backgrounds in her classes. Dr. Jin is interested in teaching a variety of GIS-related courses at the School of Geosciences, including but not limited to Introduction to GIS, Introduction to GIS for Non-majors, Advanced GIS, Medical Geography, Health GIS seminar, Advanced Quantitative methods, GIS application in Social Science, Web mapping, GIS programming, Research, Methods, and Design.


Dr. Jin’s research interests lie at the integration of GIScience, epidemiology, environmental justice, big data, and urban study. Her research focuses on environmental risks, disparities in socioeconomic status and retail food environments that lead to inequality in health outcomes, as well as the characterization of urban building functions with multiple spatial big data. Her current work is organized into three broad themes: 1) obesity and environmental risks; 2) food desert and food swamp issue; (3) characterization of urban villages, specialized villages, and urban relative poverty with multiple big data, including Tencent, Weibo, and Meituan user data, taxi trajectory data, Points of Interest data, and building footprints data.

Specialty Area

GIScience, Obesity, Food Environment, Health Geography, Big Data, Urban Planning, Spatial Data Mining, Spatial Statistics, and Geovisualization