Glenn Thompson

Research Assistant Professor


Office: SCA 214
Phone: 813.974.3702


I began working at the University of South Florida in August 2013, joining well established groups in Volcanology and Geophysics, and a fledging Seismology group. Prior to this research position, I worked in real-time monitoring operations, beginning with 2 months at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) in 1996, 2 years at the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) from 1998-2000, then back to MVO for 4 years as the Seismic Network Manager, followed by a return to Alaska for 7 years as a Staff Scientist at AVO and the Alaska Earthquake Center. Most of my work has been developing new, innovative seismic software to enhance seismic monitoring operations and public safety.


B.Sc. Theoretical Physics and Mathematics, St. Andrews, 1993.
M.Sc. Exploration Geophysics, Durham, 1995.
Ph.D. Volcano Seismology, Leeds, 1999.


My research interests include: (i)cataloging, parameterizing and locating volcanic earthquake swarms, tremor and debris flows; (ii) automatic classification of discrete volcanic-seismic signals; (iii) banded tremor and its relation to hybrid swarms, ascent rate and dome collapses; (iv) rainfall-induced dome collapses; (v) open-source development of monitoring software including alarm systems and near-real-time analysis tools.

Specialty Area

Volcano Seismology, Volcano-seismic Monitoring