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Welcome Lab Manager for the Center for Geochemical Analysis (CGA)/ICP lab, Shannon Letscher!

Photo of Shannon Letscher

I want to formally introduce you to our new teaching and lab manager for the Center for Geochemical Analysis (CGA)/ICP lab, Shannon Letscher.  Shannon is from Long Island, NY. She received her BS in Geology from Stony Brook University. Her research interests include paleoceanography and paleoclimatology—more specifically using boron isotopic ratios as a proxy for paleoceanography/paleoclimate. During her time at Stony Brook University, she worked with the FIRST Lab (Facility for  Isotope Research and Student Training) where she mostly worked with boron isotopes of Ordovician brachiopods. At FIRST Lab, she continued to work on other isotope systems including Sr, Li, and Nd, to name a few. Machines she used to conduct research include an Agilent 7500 CX ICPMS, and a Nu Plasma II MC-ICPMS. She also has experience with chromatography column chemistry and cathodoluminescence. Welcome, Shannon!

Shannon has been with Geosciences for a few weeks now, and she is ready and eager to work with faculty, staff, and other users who need services in the CGA.  Please welcome her to the School of Geosciences, and reach out to her with any questions about the CGA.  She can be reached through her email, and her office is in SCA 510. 

I’d also like to thank Dr. Menicucci for his help with the CGA over the last several months since Dr. Atlas’s departure.  We would not have been able to keep the CGA open and accessible to users without his support.  Thank you, Anthony!

Dr. Joni Downs Firat (she/her)
Director and Professor
School of Geosciences

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