Giovanna Benadusi


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Office: SOC 291
Phone: 813.974.2807
Fax: 813.974.6228
Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., Syracuse University, 1988

B.A./M.A., Università di Firenze, Italy, 1980


My teaching has both a wide geographical range over European history-- with particular focus on the Italian and Iberian Peninsulas, France and the German states-- and an extensive chronological span stretching from the thirteenth to the eighteenth centuries. In the last years I have expanded national borders seeking to identify both overt and implied exchanges and encounters within a Mediterranean landscape. I teach courses on “Renaissance Society and Politics,” “Women and Men in Early Modern Europe,” “Race and Gender.” Advanced seminars for MA and PhD students include, “Analysis of Historical Knowledge,” “Society and Culture,” State and Society,” “Early Modern Mediterranean,” “Law and Gender.”


My current research brings together the study of women, gender, class, and the law in Grand Ducal Tuscany between the sixteenth and the early eighteenth centuries to ask larger questions about the formation of early modern states and particularly about how people formally excluded from public life articulated broad political and cultural themes in ordinary legal practices. On this topic I have published articles and essays and I am in the process of completing a book “Visions of the Social Order: Women's Last Wills, Notaries, and the State in late Renaissance and Baroque Tuscany.”