Prospective Students

Graduate Programs in History: M.A. & Ph.D.

The Department of History at the University of South Florida offers a program of study, coursework, and directed research leading to Master of Arts (MA) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in History. We offer four broad concentrations (major fields) in the History of the Americas, World History to 1500, World History since 1500, and Digital Humanities and Public History as well as thematic minor fields in topics such gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, and material culture.

Our curriculum encourages broad interdisciplinary connections with the related fields of Anthropology, English, Art History, Classics, Geography, Sociology, Political Science, and International Relations.

The department’s faculty creates a dynamic learning environment that fosters close interaction between students and teachers. Our seminar-based curriculum ensures that each student in the graduate program receives individual attention and guidance. We pride ourselves on training students to be scholars and teachers at all levels of education, while also offering preparation for careers outside academia in government agencies, historical societies, libraries, and museums, among many other possible careers.

For additional information, please contact Graduate Director Dr. Darcie Fontaine.