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The History Department is proudly home to cohorts of Ph.D. and M.A. students who specialize in an array of historical topics. Information about these students, their focuses, and faculty advisers can be found below. Please note that students opted into displaying their information on this page, so it does not represent a complete list of USF history graduate students. Want to get involved in our fantastic community of graduate students? Check out the History Department Graduate Student Organization.

Ph.D. Students




Adkins, Christopher David

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Appalachia Connolly, Brian
Arbisi, Ronald America Post-1877 Johnson, David
Benner, Douglas America Pre-1877 Belohlavek, John
Brittman, Edward America Post-1877 Irwin, Julia
Bruffett, Shannon America Post-1877 Irwin, Julia
Chaves, Lina America Post-1877 Johnson, David
Corbett, Joseph America Pre-1877 Levy, Philip
Davison, Michelle Early America, Digital Pedagogy Levy, Philip

Donahue-Farrell, Bridget

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Early America, New England History, Public History, Memory Levy, Philip
Dunder, Paul America Post-1877 Prince, K. Stephen

Ferro, Ryan C.

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Global Communism, Modern China, Sino-Soviet Relations. Boterbloem, Kees

Garis, Bishoy

Medieval History, The Fatimid Caliphate Decker, Michael

Harris, Charles B.

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19th and 20th Century US History, Naval History, Gilded Age/Progressive Era, Gender and Militarization Irwin, Julia

Hassam, Stephan

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Roman Sicily; Digital Archaeology Tanasi, Davide
Hotalen, Christina The Roman Empire Langford, Julie
Jünke, Sarah Early America Levy, Philip

Kingsland, Kaitlyn

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Digital Humanities; Digital Archaeology; Mediterranean Archaeology Tanasi, Davide

Lipsey, Hanna

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20th Century U.S. History; Animal History

Irwin, Julia

Prince, K. Stephen

LoSasso, Michael A.

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20th Century US History, Cold War, Film/Media History Johnson, David

Malerk, Tamala

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Modern Europe Boterbloem, Kees

Miller, Scott

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20th Century American History, The Cold War Irwin, Julia
Northrop, John Medieval Decker, Michael

Old, Jason

Modern Latin America

Irwin, Julia

Novoa, Adriana

Ponticos, Douglas

19th and 20th Century US, Environmental History, Florida History

Prince, K. Stephen

Puteri, Arwen Early Modern Boterbloem, Kees
Quintero Altuve, Raphael Latin America Ramos, Frances
Rasmussen, William Europe Fontaine, Darcie
Strawbridge, Michael Late Antiquity, Donatism, Roman North Africa Decker, Michael
Swierczynski, Michael Early Modern Boterbloem, Kees
Thieryung, Lisa Morgan American History, Reconstruction Prince, K. Stephen

White, Wesley

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20th Century U.S. History; Space Race Irwin, Julia

Youngberg, Kevin R.

19th Century US Political, Religious, and Southern History; American Civil War and Reconstruction

Belohlavek, John

Prince, K. Stephen

M.A. Students

Name Focus Advisor(s)

Balkom, Chandler

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Russian and Soviet History Boterbloem, Kees

Burstein, Cheryl

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19th and Early 20th Century US History, Women's History, Voluntarism and Philanthropy  Yacovazzi, Cassandra
Combs, Reece Digital Archaeology Tanasi, Davide

Csensich, Christina

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19th and 20th Century France and United States, LGBTQ History, Gender and Sexuality Fontaine, Darcie

Glover, Raymond

Russian and Soviet History  

Gore, Samuel "Dale"

US History from 1877-2001, US War and Society from 1890-2001, Navalism and American Foreign Policy

Irwin, Julia

Prince, K. Stephen

Heisey, Barbara

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Porfirian, Revolutionary, and Post-Revolutionary Mexico; Cultural History; History of Modernization; Trade History Ramos, Frances

Hom, Ryan

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Ancient History, Greek History, Ancient Military History  Murray, William

Horan, Patrick J.

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Modern European History, Irish History, Transatlantic History

Fontaine, Darcie

Knight, Jennifer

Kraft, Madeleine

Digital Archaeology and Roman Empire Tanasi, Davide

Obermueller, Alexander

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19th and 20th Century History, Social History  

Paschero, Sofia

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US History, Immigration History

Irwin, Julia

McBrien, Jody Lynn

Piccinini, Lauren 19th and 20th Century US History  

Rasmussen, Holden C.

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19th Century American Diplomatic History Connnolly, Brian
Rodriguez, Daniel A. Church History King, Matt
Rodriguez, Jonathan Atlantic Slavery, Colonialism, African Diaspora, U.S. and Spanish Empires, Archaeology, Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Americas, Modern Florida

Ramos, Frances

Tanasi, Davide

Rose, Daniel Greek and Roman Warfare, Greek and Roman History and Archaeology Murray, William

Ryan, Lindsay

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Classical Art and Archaeology, Digital Archaeology, Public Archaeology, Museum Studies  Tanasi, Davide

Scapicchio, Alaina

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Early America, Public History Levy, Philip

Silva, Adiel

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Modern Latin America; 20th Century Cuba Novoa, Adriana