Current Students

The History Department is proudly home to cohorts of Ph.D. and M.A. students who specialize in an array of historical topics. Information about these students, their focuses, and faculty advisers can be found below. Please note that students opted into displaying their information on this page, so it does not represent a complete list of USF history graduate students. Want to get involved in our fantastic community of graduate students? Check out the History Department Graduate Student Organization.

Ph.D. Students




Adkins, Christopher David


20th Century US History, Dogs Connolly, Brian
Benner, Douglas America Pre-1877 Connolly, Brian

Costello, Angela


Digital Humanities/Public History; Ancient and Medieval History; Material Culture and Dress History Tanasi, Davide

Ferro, Ryan C.


Global Communism, Modern China, Sino-Soviet Relations. Boterbloem, Kees

Hom, Ryan


Ancient Greece, War and Society, Classical Reception

 Tanasi, Davide

Horan, Patrick J.


Modern European History, Irish History, Transatlantic History Ottanelli, Fraser
Jünke, Sarah Early America Levy, Phil

Kraft, Madeleine

Digital Archaeology and Roman Empire Tanasi, Davide

Miller, Scott


20th Century American History, The Cold War Johnson, David

Muhseneen, Ummul


Public History; Genocides and Mass Atrocity Crimes; South Asia; Oral History; Memory; and Memorialization Levy, Phil

Pack, Paula

20th Century British History; History of Children and Youth

Connolly, Brian

Ponticos, Douglas

19th and 20th Century US, Environmental History, Florida History

Connolly, Brian

Rios, Urian


Cold War, The “Long Sixties"

Fontaine, Darcie

Scapicchio, Alaina


Public History, Early America, Memory & Commemoration  Levy, Phil
Strawbridge, Michael Late Antiquity, Donatism, Roman North Africa

King, Matt

Youngberg, Kevin R.

19th Century US Political, Religious, and Southern History; American Civil War and Reconstruction

Prince, K. Stephen

Zimmerman, Jr., Don

Freemasonry in Jim Crow Florida

Mauldin, Erin

M.A. Students

Name Focus Advisor(s)

Dace, Ysabella


Early Modern Europe; the Italian Peninsula; Social History; Cultural history; Women and Gender Benadusi, Giovanna

Davis, Tami

 Post-Civil War, Reconstruction Era American History Prince, K. Stephen

Downing, Kathryn Mary Lulu


Medieval Irish History, Digital Humanities/ Public History, Art History Knight, Jennifer

Gore, Samuel "Dale"

US History from 1877-2001, US War and Society from 1890-2001, Navalism and American Foreign Policy

Irwin, Julia

Prince, K. Stephen

Rasmussen, Holden


Floridiana; 19th Century American Cultural History Connnolly, Brian

Silva, Adiel


Modern Latin America; 20th Century Cuba

Novoa, Adriana

Thieryung, Hannah


19th and 20th Century Irish and American History, Irish Playwrights, Public History, Florida History  Knight, Matt

Thurston, Danielle


Public History and Digitial Humanities Levy, Phil

 White, Sara

US history pre-1877, Women & Gender, Public History, Memory & Commemoration, Irish History & Immigration to the US  Levy, Phil