Faculty (Alphabetical)

Listings of faculty by rank as well as by chronological and geographical specialties are accessible here.




Areas of Focus

Belohlavek, John


19th Century Political and Diplomatic History, Jacksonian America

Benadusi, Giovanna



Renaissance/Early Modern History, the Mediterranean, Social History, Gender and Class

Boterbloem, Kees


Graduate Program Director

Russian and Soviet History, Dutch History, History of European Empires

Cali, Denise


Classical Archaeology, Greek and Roman Civilization, Mediterranean Material Culture

Connolly, Brian

Associate Professor

19th Century US History, History of Sexuality, Historical Theory, Kinship

Decker, Michael


Byzantine History and Archaeology, Economy and Society of Late Antiquity

Dosal, Paul


Modern Central America and the Caribbean, United States Relations with Latin America

Fontaine, Darcie

Associate Professor

Modern Europe and the World, French Colonialism, Gender Studies

Irwin, Julia

Associate Professor

Associate Chair

20th Century U.S. and the World; International Humanitarianism and Foreign Assistance; Global History of Disasters

Johnson, David

Associate Professor

20th Century US History, the Cold War, History of Sexuality, Gay and Lesbian History

King, Matt

Assistant Professor

The Crusades, the Medieval Mediterranean, Norman Sicily, Digital Humanities

Knight, Jennifer


Medieval British Isles, Medieval Society and Identity, Women and Gender, Celtic Diaspora

Langford, Julie

Associate Professor

Gender, Ethnicity, and Religion in the Roman Empire, Roman Literature and Material Culture, Numismatics

Levy, Philip


Early America, Virginia History, Place and Landscape, Historical Archaeology, Public History

Murray, Suzanne P.


Bronze Age History, Greek Art and Archaeology

Murray, William

Mary and Gus Stathis Professor of Greek History

Greek History and Archaeology, Naval History of Ancient Mediterranean Cultures

Novoa, Adriana

Associate Professor

Modern Argentina, Science in Latin America, Race and Gender in Latin America

Ottanelli, Fraser


Post-1865 US History, U.S. Radical Movements, Immigration and Ethnic History, Comparative Migration

Prince, K. Stephen

Associate Professor

Undergraduate Program Director

19th/20th Century US, History of the South, Civil War and Reconstruction, Gilded Age and Progressive Era, Race and Racism

Ramos, Frances

Associate Professor

Colonial Latin America, Bourbons and the Spanish Atlantic, Political Identity and Public Ceremony

Tanasi, Davide

Associate Professor

Archaeology of Sicily and Malta, Mediterranean Prehistory, Biomolecular Archaeology of the Mediterranean Diet, Digital Archaeology

Thomas, Dave


Ancient Greece, Epigraphy, Digital Humanities